Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well Easter was 2 days ago, but I hope and pray that you and your family had a wonderful and blessed Easter.  Easter is such an important day as it is when our Jesus Christ rose from the grave.  He is not there anymore, and it's because of Him that we live!

Us Gibsons had a rather busy Easter Sunday.  Our day (or I should say my day) started at 5am!  That is so super early for me!!!  Taylor and Lily Kate woke up at 6 and we made it to our church's sunrise service at 7.  Just in the nick of time I might ad!  We had a wonderful service, thank you  Bro. David and Bro. Todd.  Our service was over at 9 and we stopped by our house to get Lily Kate's milk.  Then it was off to Clinton to go to church with Grandmommy, and we made it just in the nick of time!  Another great church service!  So then it was lunch with Grandmommy, then off to see Mamaw and about 40 other family members.  Lily Kate participated in her first Easter egg hunt, but was more interested in the leaves than in the eggs!  After Mamaws, we went back home and had another egg hunt and supper with Ninnie, Poppy, Uncle Phillip, Gage and Ella.  Let's just say that after that was bedtime and Lily Kate was whipped!

 This was Lily Kate's first Easter, so of course I have a ton of pics!  Here ya go!

Lily Kate's Easter basket...  that I painted!!!

Lily Kate had to stop and talk to the little girl that was getting her picture taken too!  She is quite social...

Lily Kate even had a basket at Ninnie & Poppy's house...

Lily Kate and Teague were after the same egg..  Oh no!

Well that was a recap of our oh so busy but oh so wonderful day!  We missed seeing lots of our family, but hopefully we will see them soon.  May is a super busy month for us, so hopefully there will be more good pics and good blog topics...

Monday, April 18, 2011

2 years and counting!

Happy Anniversary Taylor!

Taylor and I got married 2 years ago today, and here are a few pics of that oh so wonderful day.  I love you Taylor and am looking forward to many many many more wonderful years together!

and here we are getting ready to get on our cruise!  we had a fabulous time cruising around the Bahamas, and I am so ready to go back!

after our cruise we spent a night at The Blue, a resort in Miami...  wow!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lily Kate can...

***Walk!  She started walking about 1 1/2 weeks ago, and hasn't stopped!  Her little legs are still bow legged, and she is super cute toddling/walking around.  She can't walk in shoes yet, but we are working on that!

***Climb on and off the couch.  Yep I was cooking last week, looked up and she was on the couch!  She had a few falls off the couch before she learned how to get down without a bump and a bruise!

***Say lots of words:  Mama, Dada, Ninnie, Mimi, No No, nigh nigh (night night), Meow, Gage, choo choo, Bye Bye, Hey, kitty, baby, juice, bite, who's that, what's that, uh oh, yum yum, good good good, get back, mine, ball, boon (balloon), baba (bottle), roll it (for patty cake), whoa (she gets this from her daddy!), thank (she usually leaves of the you!), O (hello)...

***Feed you a bite of her snack!  The other day she fed Ninnie some goldfish, and yesterday she fed me some cheese!

***Give you sugar & blow you sugar.  Sometimes it is quite slobbery, but that's ok!

***Cheese for a camera!  Ok, maybe I have taken one or two pics of her and she knows what to do!  She can also flip thru the pics on an Iphone!  Crazy!

***Hold her bottle!  Yes finally, she can (but doesn't always) hold her bottle and sippy cup.  This morning she tried to feed her daddy a bottle!

***Bite!  We are working on that too...

***Squeal!  She is not a big laugher, or a big giggler, but the girl can squeal!  I love it!  And it's all thanks to Aunt Wee Wee!

This is just a small sample of what all this little miracle can do.  She amazes us daily, makes us laugh daily, and we thank God daily for her daily!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Lily Kate!

Lollipop, Lollipop!  Ohhh la la lollipop...

Oh what a fun time we had at Lily Kathleen Gibson's 1st birthday party!  The weather was perfect, with the sun shining and the wind blowing, not a cloud or a rain drop in sight.  The setting was perfect, thanks to Uncle Phillip, Gage and Ella for letting us party in their back yard.  You will see in the pictures, but his yard is just beautiful.  There is a small patio that looks over his huge yard full of trees, flowers, and the funnest kid's play yard I've seen. The kids were loving the play yard and it is such a lesson learned to see how kids make friends so fast.  A simple "want to swing" and you have a new friend!  The birthday girl was super happy, loving all of the attention that she was getting from all of the family and friends that came to help us celebrate.  She made her rounds, giving love to everybody there.  The party started, and everybody enjoyed cupcakes with lollipop icing, cookies-on-a-stick that looked like lollipops, ice cream, and chips & dip.  Let's just say that Lily Kate is loved by lots and lots... we opened gifts, and more gifts, and a few more.  She got some of the cutest gifts and is wearing and playing with them already!  Now was the time for Lily Kate's cupcake.  She had an over-sized cupcake that was hers to do with as pleased.  We put her in the high-chair and sang "Happy Birthday" as we gave her the cupcake.  And she just didn't quite know what to do with it!  We had a wonderful time at Lily Kate's 1st party, and so did Lily Kate the birthday girl!  Lily Kate gave everybody a lollipop as they were leaving as their party favor -- cute!  Well, this was a short summary of the day's festivities.  There are so many more details and memories that we will treasure from now on.  Thank you to everybody that came and celebrated with us, and we missed those of you that couldn't make it.

And now for the pictures... and be prepared, there are lots!

Cute Lollipops, thanks to Uncle Phillip!

Lily Kate loves her Amanda!

Ninnie with the birthday girl

Ninnie, Poppy, and LKG!

Mimi, Aunt K K, Aunt Wee Wee and Lily Kate

Allison and Ann Marie

Ella and Abigail...

new friends at the swing set!


Aunt Julie and Grandmommy

Poppy and Gage were the first to the snacks!

Gage, Jana, Julie, Aunt Becky, Brandy, and Poppy

Lily Kate with Grandmomy

It's present time!

Happy Kate!

Mama, Lily Kate, Teague, Daddy, Ella, Abigail, and Julie

Christy, Bobo, Mrs. Jody, Mamaw, Brandy, Aunt Wee Wee

Ninnie, Amanda, Kayla, Johnny Gramps, Mimi, Jana and Aunt Becky

Grandmommy, Mrs. Becky, Ninnie, Amanda, Kayla, Johnny Gramps

Lily Kate put on a show by walking around and around and around!

Cupcake time!

Capri Sun time!

Ann Marie, Allison, Abigail, Me, Lily Kate
Allison & I have been bestest friends since we were little bitty!

Mrs. Becky, Ann Marie, Allison, Me, Lily Kate, Ninnie

Daddy, Mama, Birthday girl Lily Kate, and Mamaw
Lily Kate is Mamaw's 18th great grandbaby!!!

Grandmommy, Mama, Lily Kate, Daddy, and Mamaw
These are Taylor's grandmothers

Grandmommy, Mama, Lily Kate, Daddy
Lily Kate is Grandmommy's 1st great grandbaby!
Lily Kate gave out lollipops to all her family & friends that joined us!
So, what did ya think???