Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3...

Pics from day #3...

Poppy, Uncle Phillip, Gage and Ella went to the water park today.  Taylor and I took Lily Kate swimming and for some reason I only snapped ~1~ picture!!!  We were having so much fun that I just lost track of time I guess!

And here are the family pics...  We all were in white, but somehow we have a mixture of khakis and denim bottoms.  Next year I guess I will have to pack everybody's clothes for pics to make sure I have them in what I want haha!  Of course Lily Kate, Ella, and Gage looked the best!


Lily Kate is "cheesing" in this pic:

Silly pic!!!

Another fave, look how happy she is:

So sweet!

 Oh my, we are all looking!!!

While we were walking away from taking our family pics, it started sprinkling.  Talk about perfect timing!!!  Then it was off to Staff's for supper and then to the room.  Ok that's it for day 3.  Day 4 coming soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day #2...

Day 2 doesn't have quite as many pics (please try not to be too excited haha).  We spent the day at the pool and beach and had a blast!  We decided to eat lunch in the room and an EARLY supper, especially after our experience of eating at 10pm the night before.  So we played and finally came in to get ready for supper, and I made everybody snap a few pics.  Gage hates pics but I just can't help it, I love them.  He is getting a little better about it, especially if I say I will hurry and then I let them take silly pics.  Ok, back to the story -- we got to the restaurant at about 5 and ate a yummy meal and actually got dessert (yummy!).  Since we ate so early, we were back at the condo early enough to go back to the pool!  That is about it for day #2.  Oh, and I have 2 videos at the end of this post!

Poppy taking it easy at the beach!

Lily Kate had so much fun at the beach this morning, that this is what happened when she finished lunch.  I love this pic!

Ready for supper!


Ninnie and Poppy with grand babies.  I think they love them more than their kids haha.

This pic was not supposed to be a silly pic, but somebody snapped when we didn't expect it.  But it is one of my faves!!!

 Back at the beach, this time at night (that's why no hat or glasses!).

 And here are 2 videos of Lily Kate at the beach this morning.  I didn't have my camera or video camera, so I used Uncle Phillip's IPhone.  This is a swimsuit that Mimi got Lily Kate, and the sunglasses and hat are from Aunt Wee Wee!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Day of Vacation!

Ok, I warned ya!  This post is only about the first day, which included 7 hours of riding (which only warrants one of the following pics).  There are lots and lots of pics, and I will try to keep the descriptions brief, but I can't promise!

Like Daddy like daughter:

We finally arrived, and while Ninnie was getting our keys and info, the kids were running around finding the sand and pool!

From the very beginning, Lily Kate loved the sand!

Lily Kate and Daddy put on their swimsuits as soon as we got settled...

so did Gage and Ella!

And here we are at the beach! 

Uncle Phillip was so smart to bring a bucket and spoons! 

Gage loved finding shells and trying to "net" fish haha!

Happy Kate!

This is my sweet Ella Boo!!!

And my Roni head (I shortened Macaroni head into Roni head)!

Lily Kate adores Gage and Ella!  She ran up to Gage and just wanted some lovings!

So sweet, Ella and her Daddy!

Yep, Gage got buried in the sand...

And Lily Kate helped!

Love this pic of Gage!

And then Ella got buried in the sand!

So we played at the beach until almost dark.  Ninnie and Poppy made it back from the grocery store as Taylor, Lily Kate and I were walking back.  They watched us from the balcony and got a good laugh...  Lily Kate did NOT want to leave so she decided to throw a little fit.  These days her fits consist of getting on her hands and knees and putting her face on the floor.  Well guys, the floor this time was sand!!!  When she leaned up she had a circle of sand all around her face.  It was priceless and I wish I had a pic or video of that!!!

By the time we got ready, drove somewhere to eat and actually got our food it was 10pm!!!  So here is a pic of what everybody looked like at 10 when we were eating supper...

Ella fell asleep!  We told her the next morning how her daddy dropped food on her!!!

Lily Kate fell asleep in Poppy's lap (who is almost asleep himself!).  Please notice her favorite blanket -- a full size fleece blanket with SPIDERS on it...  not feminine, but she loves it!

Gage was so tired, but managed to stay away so he could eat.  He no longer eats a kids meal but an adult meal, and the kid will also eat off your plate too!!!  Where does he put it all???

Ninnie was tired...

Taylor was tired...

And Green Pea and I were whipped!!!

Told ya!  Lots of pics and this is only day 1!!!  More to come soon!

Rebecca, Taylor, Lily Kate and Green Pea!