Friday, April 19, 2013


It's true.  Kids say (and do) the funniest things, and my girls are no exceptions.  Lily Kate keeps us rolling with the things she says and what she does.  She has no filter, like others that we know and love!!!  Lucy Cullen doesn't talk as much yet, but she is always being silly.  This post might not be interesting to you, but I am writing it for my sake.  These are memories that I don't want to forget, so on the blog they go.

Lily Kate, currently age 3

Here are some of the funnies that she says and has said in the past, and we think they are too cute and funny...

** "Lily bite" instead of little bit
** "pillar pillar" for peanut butter
** "I want to hold you" when she wants you to hold her
** "Posie Rosie" for Ring around the Rosies
** "Dear Lawd" for Dear Lord
** "Emilily" instead of Emily
** "bingers" instead of fingers.  ex:  That ant will bite my "bingers".  That will burn my "bingers".
** "Row row you gently" for Row row row your boat, gently down the stream...
** "Mamas scara" for mascara.  When I am putting on my mascara, she asks what it is.  When I answer mascara, she thinks I'm saying "My scara", so she calls it "Mama's scara".  Cute!!!
** "Cheerichos" for Cheerios
** "My fair lader" instead of my fair lady
** "Blockies" instead of broccoli
** "Mishmell" for marshmallows
** "Butter flowers" for butterflies
** "The barber in the town" for the farmer in the dell
** "Ever ever time" instead of every time.  Ex.  I see a big truck ever ever time.  I see her ever ever time.
** She was saying her night night prayers, and was naming what all she loved.  She said, "and I love boys..."
** Loves Bert Case.  Seriously, she knows him by name!  When he comes on she screams "It's Bert.  Bert's in our house!!!"  When it goes to commercial, or goes to shots of the scene Lily Kate wants to know where Bert went.  It is too funny.  I wish I had it on video to send in to Bert.
** One day I was getting on to her and she just starts saying "God is great, God is good..."  How could I keep getting on to her when she was saying her blessing!
** She asked me a question one day and I answered her.  Then she said "Oh", PQRSTUV.  Ha!
** She has a book of 100 baby animals.  One day while naming some of them, when we got to the chicken she said "chicken nugget".
** Saw a baby and said "She is so precious".  Sweet!
** Lily Kate was excited back in October to be going to the pumpkin patch.  She couldn't wait to tell the pumpkins that she painted her toenails!
** I'm sure it's just to drive me crazy, but says "Lucy Colleen" all the time.
** In November, while getting in trouble she starts saying "Don't make me cry, I don't want to cry".
** Also in November, while getting in trouble, she just dies out laughing and tells me "I am so silly".  I guess she was trying to get my mind off of her being in trouble???
** On the way to church one Sunday she told us that "something smells in my nose".
** She has a Little People nativity that Ninnie got her the year she was born.  This past Christmas she kept calling them her boys.  "Where are my boys?"
** Always asks what time it is.  I don't understand this one, she has no concept of time!!!
** In December she started telling us when her mouth was full, instead of her tummy being full.

Lucy Cullen, currently 18 months

Lucy Cullen is pretty quiet unless we are at home.  She can say just about anything, she just doesn't!!!  So her list is mainly made up of milestones for her first 18 months...

** Rolled over Jan 29, 2012 (MY birthday!!!)
** Rolled over both ways Mar 3, 2012
** Found her hand Feb 13, 2012
** Found her feet Feb 15, 2012
** Said "Mama" Feb 27, 2012 (Yeah!!!)
** Got her ears pierced Mar 22, 2012
** Said "Dada" Mar 25, 2012
** Got her first 2 teeth on April 4, 2012 (her 6 month birthday)
** Started waving at 6 months
** Started clapping May 25, 2012
** Was up on all fours and rocking at 7 months
** Crawled on one knee on May 26, 2012
** Crawled on May 28, 2012
** Pulled up and stood on July 4, 2012
** Stood up and let go on Aug 8, 2012
** Started saying Ninnie the last week of Aug 2012
** Walked behind push toys the end of Aug 2012
** Stood up and let go the middle of Sept 2012
** Took 2 steps Sept 20, 2012
** Got 1 year shots on Oct 9, 2012
** Had 103.3 fever and went for a trip to the ER on Oct 10, 2012
** Had a bad virus and went to the hospital for a day of drips and re hydration on Oct 17, 2012
** Got off couch by herself mid Oct 2012
** Started taking steps early Nov 2012
** Took 9 steps on Nov 13, 2012
** Walking in Dec 2012
** Climbed up on the blanket box by herself on Dec 15, 2012
** Drank out of a straw on Dec 31, 2012
** Had 8 teeth coming in all at once the end of Dec 2012 and early Jan 2013
** Loves singing with a microphone
** Loves my cats, but doesn't want them to touch her
** Skiddish of the umbrella
** Doesn't like when Taylor has shaving cream all over his face
** Calls Lily Kate "Cah Cah"
** Lucy Cullen loves to eat.  So much that while she plays, she pretends she is eating!!!

Ok, I have way more to update soon.  We had a check up this week with the doctor and I can't wait to tell ya'll how that went...

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

My Lily Kate is 3 years old, can you believe it???  I sure can't, time has flown.  She is quite growny for her age and she keeps us laughing all the time.  She is a non-stop talker.  Literally.  She talks from the time she wakes up until she falls asleep.  She also loves to sing.  I have videoed her many times singing, and she just might be an entertainer one day.  Here are some pics of her on the 12th, while she was still 2...

I love this pic, Lucy Cullen just adores her big sister.

Not sure if Lucy Cullen is saying shhhhh, or picking her nose.  Could be either!

Ahhh, my sweet girl!!!

I love candid shots.  I think Lucy Cullen was singing...

This is one of my very favorite pics ever of them together!

Lily Kate's birthday was Saturday, and we had her party at Ninnie's church.  The weather was beautiful!  The sun was shining, it was windy, and the kids had a great time playing outside...

Me and the birthday girl!!!
Taylor and the birthday girl!!!

Lily Kate's skirt barely fit in the swing with her!

This girl could swing for hours.  She loved it!

Lily Kate has said for months and months that Hello Kitty was coming to her birthday party.  Well I found a 4' balloon for $20 and decided I would try it out.  I didn't know if it would be a waste of money or not.  It was great  perfect!  Lily Kate squealed when she saw Taylor getting Hello Kitty out of the truck and played non stop with her.  Hello Kitty was an "air walker" balloon, so she just scooted across the grass...

My fave pic from the birthday party...

Taylor played with Hello Kitty just as much as Lily Kate did!!!


My sweet little family, including the newest addition of Hello Kitty...

I even got a pic of just the two of us!!!
Me and my sweet Lucy Cullen!!!


 Just as the party was starting, Lily Kate started getting a little fussy.  It was no surprise since she woke up early, was too excited to eat breakfast, and was non-stop since we got to the church.  So we got her a plate of food...

and some Dr. Pepper...

That did the trick!  It wasn't long and this birthday girl was back in action!

Some random shots...

Everybody knows that Lily Kate loves "boys".  Here she is with Alex, one of her favorites...

Lucy Cullen ate the entire party.  Even when she was playing she had a chip or piece of pizza in her hand!

Julie dressed perfectly for Lily Kate's Hello Kitty party!


Lily Kate's cake...

Taylor almost got her hair and feathers in the candles!!!

She was ready for that 1st piece of cake!

 And she looooooved opening her presents...

This is Lily Kate's new trick...  She calls it a "flip" haha...

 I love this...  Mamaw was swinging!!!

Lily Kate had a great birthday and a great birthday party!  That evening we went to McComb and ate at Applebee's for supper.  Lily Kate was still on cloud 9, and we had them sing Happy Birthday to her.  She wanted them to "do that again"!!!  Thank you Lord for giving us this sweet little Lily Kate, and her sister Lucy Cullen, and this sweet baby in my tummy.  Blessings!!!