Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lily Kate's 1st Christmas

Ok I know that Christmas is over, and I will make this my last Christmas post, but I wanted to share some pics with ya of Lily Kate's 1st Christmas.  We had Christmas festivities about 5 different times, so there are lots and lots and lots of pics!  Enjoy!

1st was Christmas with Aunt Ann!  She came for a visit on Dec. 17 and we had a great time!  Thanks Aunt Ann for the cute outfits -- I am already planning her 9 month pics with them in mind!  And she loves loves loves the tub turtle!

Fast forward to Christmas Eve...  We had Christmas at Mamaws...  Fun fun fun, and Lily Kate had a blast.  Sorry, but all my pics are on the video camera!!! 

Here is Lily Kate's 1st stocking.  Please don't think your eyes are deceiving you.  Yes it is a simple, not very cute, not monogrammed, not typical stocking for my first baby's first Christmas.  Why???  Because I hope to be getting a sewing machine (hint hint Mama) and hope to make my own!!!  I am not promising that they will look any better, but I am going to give it a try!!!

Santa came to see Lily Kate and look what he left!

Now for Christmas day, where we went for lunch to Aunt Julie's.  We had a great time with Grandmommy, Aunt Julie, Robert, Brett, and Aunt K K.  Sorry Chance that you were sick and couldn't join in on the fun!  And guess what we had for lunch -- Sunny's BBQ!!!  It was Y.U.M.M.Y!!!

This is not her gift, but it sure was one of her favorites!

Yes my baby loves a camera.  Pull it out and she knows to smile and squeal!  Promise!

Lily Kate got the hang of tearing the paper!  She was a fast learner.

This was her very favorite -- a box!!!

Lily Kate was giving Grandmommy lots of sugar!  I think Grandmommy was loving it!

And now for Christmas night, with Mimi, Johnny Gramps, Aunt Wee Wee and Aunt K K

Look at that girl go!  She knows what to do!

Lily Kate knew what this gift was!  Thanks Aunt Wee Wee, Lily Kate loves her some puffs!!!

Lily Kate had a wonderful array of toys!  She has been playing non stop with them!

Ok, next is Christmas with Ninnie, Poppi, Uncle Phillip, Gage, Ella, and Meg!  Trista and Teague joined in too!

Farmer Taylor!  This was his gift from Gage & Ella, and he LOVES them!

Ok, that was a lot of pics!  Hope you enjoyed and please please please let us know how your Christmas was!  Followers and comments are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I thought this was scheduled for Christmas day, but I guess I didn't hit the right buttons!

Well as you all know, today is Christmas! 

All the hustle and bustle is over, the gifts have been bought, the food has been cooked, and the family has gathered together.  What a wonderful time of the year! 

The Christmas Story, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is found in the 2nd chapter of Luke, and I pray that each of you take the time to read this story with your family. 

Luke 2:11 says "Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."

Luke 2:14 says "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to men."

Wow what a story, what a gift from God!  He sent His Son here to earth for us!  Let us worship Him!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas from the Gibson family!

Friday, December 17, 2010

A day with Aunt Wee Wee

Last week Aunt Wee Wee kept LKG while I went shopping in Jackson.  I always like to leave my camera so that she can snap pictures during the day, it just kinda makes me feel included in the fun that she and Lily Kate have.  So that night, after we got home I was flipping through the pics and came across these pics.  The first is Lily Kate on a rocking horse -- I didn't even know she was big enough to sit on one!  Aunt Wee Wee said she couldn't rock, but that she loved sitting there and pulling on the horses mane... 

And this pic confused me.  Did Aunt Wee Wee get her a happy -- No...  Aunt Wee Wee was letting her get a "sneak peak" at one of her Christmas presents!  Isn't that funny!  Looks to me that she really likes it!

Thank you God for wonderful Aunts!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop...

Rice Krispie Treats!

Sooooo Taylor wanted something sweet last night...

So He went to the cabinet (bare I might add!)...

And decided to make himself a midnight (ok, 9pm) snack...

First he melted butter and marshmallows...

And he measured out the Rice Krispies...

And stirred and stirred and stirred...

oh, and took a second to snap a pic with me!

He spread them in the pan...

making sure to get them just perfect !?!

And voila... Rice Krispie Treats! (With a goofy smile on Taylor's face I might add)

Yay, they were finally ready...  we were so excited about tasting the sweet snack he whipped up...  and they were... STALE!!!  But we had a good time making them and a good laugh at the end.  (We should have tasted them before we dumped...)

Hello, did you notice that not one bit of this blog was about our sweet, precious, beautiful, funny baby girl???  See, I didn't even put her name in here!  Why you ask?  Because Taylor and I do still exist!!!

Rebecca & Taylor
and LKG as she's snoozing...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8 Months Today!... Ok, Yesterday...

Ok, really.  Can you believe that Lily Kathleen Gibson is 8 months old today (please read this as if it was still yesterday, December 13...  i started yesterday, but I'm just now finishing it today.  but hey, at least its getting done).  My oh my how time flies.  Taylor and I were warned about her growing up so fast, but I just didn't think it would really happen, not to us. 

Here are a few interesting facts about Miss Lily Kate...
She wears a size 2 in diapers.

She is wearing a 12 month in clothes, mostly because she is sooooo long.

She sleeps through the night (most nights...)

She has 6 teeth that have broken through, and at least one more on the way and it hasn't been that bad! 

She roars.  Yes, ROARS!  I will get video of this and make it my next blog.

She loves to look at pictures and can recognize that she knows them.  It is too sweet!

She could care less about baby food.  Just give her a bottle and puffs and she is pretty happy.  She really wants what you are eating, but her over-protective mother is just starting to let a few bites of real food get near her...
She loves everybody!  She loves loves loves Mama and Daddy, which of course melts our hearts.  She will let anybody hold her -- ladies or guys, whether she knows them or not.  And she loved loved loved Santa (especially his beard).

She jabbers alot.  She can say Mama, Dada, and bye bye, and a whole lot of other stuff that I just can't understand.  Sometimes when she gets mad I don't want to know what she is saying haha.

She loves a bath!  She is probably the cleanest baby in town.  She gets a bath when she is dirty, when she is sleepy, when she is fussy, and sometimes for no reason at all! 

She has a tiny bit of hair...  one day she will have lots... one day...

and now for some photos...

Here is Sleepy Kate with Patty Ruby, her bestest friend.

8 month old Lily Kate just waking up...

Lily Kate is learning to give sugar, and let me just tell you it is a combo of LOTS of spit and snot... but super sweet!

My she's cute!

Milly Ann & Lily Kate share the same month date.  Milly Ann is 4 months today, Lily Kate is 8 months today.  And the funny thing is that Milly Ann's mama & I have the same birthday!

Ok... until next month!

Rebecca, Taylor & Lily Kate