Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well Easter was 2 days ago, but I hope and pray that you and your family had a wonderful and blessed Easter.  Easter is such an important day as it is when our Jesus Christ rose from the grave.  He is not there anymore, and it's because of Him that we live!

Us Gibsons had a rather busy Easter Sunday.  Our day (or I should say my day) started at 5am!  That is so super early for me!!!  Taylor and Lily Kate woke up at 6 and we made it to our church's sunrise service at 7.  Just in the nick of time I might ad!  We had a wonderful service, thank you  Bro. David and Bro. Todd.  Our service was over at 9 and we stopped by our house to get Lily Kate's milk.  Then it was off to Clinton to go to church with Grandmommy, and we made it just in the nick of time!  Another great church service!  So then it was lunch with Grandmommy, then off to see Mamaw and about 40 other family members.  Lily Kate participated in her first Easter egg hunt, but was more interested in the leaves than in the eggs!  After Mamaws, we went back home and had another egg hunt and supper with Ninnie, Poppy, Uncle Phillip, Gage and Ella.  Let's just say that after that was bedtime and Lily Kate was whipped!

 This was Lily Kate's first Easter, so of course I have a ton of pics!  Here ya go!

Lily Kate's Easter basket...  that I painted!!!

Lily Kate had to stop and talk to the little girl that was getting her picture taken too!  She is quite social...

Lily Kate even had a basket at Ninnie & Poppy's house...

Lily Kate and Teague were after the same egg..  Oh no!

Well that was a recap of our oh so busy but oh so wonderful day!  We missed seeing lots of our family, but hopefully we will see them soon.  May is a super busy month for us, so hopefully there will be more good pics and good blog topics...


  1. Thanks for posting these quickly! I was dying to see the pics from Easter. It did not feel like Easter at all to us :( Needless to say I will never do that again! Looks like Lily Kate had fun! She looked precious:) Miss y'all. See ya soon!

  2. Just saw the birthday party---wish I could have been there!!!