Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Say what Lily Kate???

Lily Kate talks.  And talks.  And talks.  Mrs. Ann even says that she talks all day, non stop.  Poor Mrs. Ann.  She has the vocabulary of a 3 or 4 year old and can repeat anything you say.  We are tickled every single day about something that she says.  I have mentioned them in the past on my blog, but here are some that I just don't want to forget...

** Lily Bites -- When she is eating we tell her to take little bites.  Well, she has changed it to "Lily Bites".  She will hold her spoon up and ask us "Is this a Lily bite?" and we just love it!

** Tayla Boo -- when she is talking to and about her Daddy.  We do correct her, but we also can't help but giggle.

** Pillar Pillar -- One of her favorite snacks is pillar pillar (peanut butter).

** "I want to hold you" instead of "I want you to hold me".  This one melts my heart.

**  She loves to sing, she just makes her own version of the song.  Some of her favorites are "Posie Rosie" instead of Ring around the Rosie and "Row row you gently" instead of Row your boat.

** She says her blessings at meal time and her prayers at night.  But she has a bit of a southern draw.  She says "Dear Lawwwwd" instead of Dear Lord.  I think He is ok with that!

** She loves to help me put on my make up every morning and always asks what each item is.  She is drawn to my mascara.  The cute thing is that she thinks I am saying "My scara" and so she calls it "Mama's scara".  Cute!

**  She eats cereal for breakfast sometimes.  MOST of the time they are healthy cereals.  One of her favorites is "Cheri chos".  Yum!

** Did you know that she has "bingers"?  Yep.  And she knows that something hot will "Burn my bingers" and that some animals will "Bite my bingers".  Love it!!!

I am sure there are many many more, but those are just some of the funny things that Lily Kate says.  I am trying to do better about writing them down so I hope to update and have more soon. 

Lucy Cullen is growing and moving.  She is standing and holding on, and has really started playing with Lily Kate lately.  It is so super cute to see them play together. 

I downloaded pics today of the Water Carnival, will try to post this week!

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