Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fall 2012, a recap

Hello.  Is there anybody out there?  Anybody still take a peak at this blog?  Did you think I was gone for good???  Well, the Gibsons are still here!!!  I have a super smart computer friend who is helping me with my blog issues, and get this, it's Google's fault!!!  Oh well, I am going to post as much as I can until I run into my next problem haha!

Ok, so here is a quick recap.  I already posted about our trip to the pumpkin patch, but here are a few other highlights.  Of course there was Halloween.  We didn't dress up this year, just wore these super cute outfits that Mimi and Wee Wee got.  We went to a friend's house and passed out candy because I (~SO sorry to the ones that do~) DO NOT like Halloween.  Lily Kate had a blast once she finally learned that she had to give the candy away and not keep it all for herself.  As usual, Lucy Cullen just sat and watched all the kids!

Also on Halloween we welcomed our new niece!  Wee Wee now has baby Sophie, and Lily Kate just loves her.  Lucy Cullen is not so sure!

 In November my Ella boo turned 8 years old!  How is that even possible?  She had the cutest birthday party, a cowgirl party complete with horses and a donkey!

Lily Kate (does this even surprise you) was NOT scared of the horses and couldn't wait until it was her turn. She rode the very tall horse and the pony.  Can you tell she was enjoying this???!!!

Such a big girl!

Lucy Cullen was not too sure (does this surprise you haha)...

but of course she ended up having fun!

 Ella was the only one that got to ride the donkey, Eeyore!  He was so cute!

Ok one post down, a million more to go just to get caught up!!!

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