Monday, January 20, 2014

More from 2013

These are not in any order, just thought I would share a few more for ya...

The girls were in their 1st Christmas program.  They were angels, and the sweetest ones I've seen.  Lily Kate knew her music, every single word.  Lucy Cullen knew most of hers, but did not open her mouth.  Not one time.  So Lucy Cullen!

This was after the program.  Not sure if they are hugging or fighting.  Could be either!

Day Day (Aunt Kasey) and Walt got married this past August and our girls were bell ringers.  Lily Kate walked down the aisle like a sumo wrestler, I could have died.  And Lucy Cullen got about 3 pews down, noticed everyone looking at her, and stopped, looked straight up, and did not move another step.  Candace had to come get her and carry her to the back.  Oh my, at least they looked cute!

~I was prego and h.u.g.e.~

This is the first year we have done the elf thing.  The girls named her Josie Rosie and loved how she moved every night.  They looked for her every morning and got so tickled at where she was.  They loved when she did this...

PINK milk!!!
My girls have never been scared of Santa.  Lily Kate thinks they are BFF, especially this Santa from our friend's benefit.  She took every step he took.  Even fed him Fritos.  Yes, she fed him.  Sorry Santa!

Santa at Bass Pro.  He was the best Santa I have seen, so good with the kids.  Of course my girls love him too.  Max slept through the whole Santa experience.

And look what he did with Max.  Isn't this soooo cute!!!

 Lucy Cullen turned 2 in October but we had her party in early September.  She had a cowgirl party and she loved it.

Yee haw!!!

Lily Kate loved the horses too...

 Love the hats guys.  Just kidding haha!

 Lucy Cullen loves Sophie, but it doesn't look like Sophie was loving her!!!

And this was Lucy Cullen by the end of her party.  Hey it's her party, she can pull up her dress if she wants too!!

Max with his four generations...

4 generations
I think this is such a good pic of Taylor and PawPaw (his dad)... 

Max with Paw Paw and Emily.  Or Emmy as the girls call her!

Max and his 5 generations...

5 generations

Granny is 101 and Lily Kate just loooooves her...

 Max does too...

 I'm trying to get caught up and be consistent in 2014!!!!

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