Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 weeks!!!


Lily Kate's 1st birthday party is 2 weeks from Saturday!  Oh my!  Where has time gone, because just yesterday we were awaiting her arrival!  I thought I had like 2 or 3 more years to plan for this...

Well I have started, and invites should go out tomorrow!  I have ordered her party favors and with the help of Aunt Wee Wee I have made a list of to-dos and to-gets.  Now I just have to start marking off that list!  Her theme is lollipops, because when she was a newborn and I was staying home with her, the Dell commercial played Lollipop, Lollipop, Ooh la la Lollipop about 9 trazillion times a day.  Well I changed it a bit and sang Lily Kate, Lily Kate, Ooh la la Lily Kate 9 trazillion times a day.

Ok, I need advice and suggestions.  Please let me know what you have learned from your little one's birthday parties.  What is a must, and what is not???


Rebecca, the mother of an almost 1 year old!!!


  1. Go ahead and line up someone to take pictures you will not have time. You also will not have time to eat or visit with anyone and by the time it is over you will not have a clue who was even there which is another good reason to have someone take pictures so you can go back through the photos and say "oh yeah i didn't even get to speak to her/him." it is fun but it is a blur so get as much help as possible.

  2. don't rent the little pony yet. wait till she gets older

  3. thats me craig...... with the pony comment