Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Catch Up


Did ya realize that it has been 2 weeks since my last post?  I tell ya, with a 10 1/2 month old and another on the way that zaps all of my energy, I can't get much of anything done these days!  I have a dirty house with unfolded clothes everywhere, a blog that hasn't been updated, and I am sure a hungry husband haha!  Well, since I haven't been able to keep up, this blog is dedicated to total random catch up.  There will be no rhyme or reason to anything that I have to say!  Here we go...

The weekend of Feb 19th was a "Bobo Weekend".  Lily Kate fell so many times and one certain fall standing outside the bathtub landed her very first busted lip.  Boo Hoo!  Here is a very bad pic of her lip.  It bled, and she cried, and so did I.  It just broke my heart.  And please notice the scratch on her right cheek.  Yep, it's from this weekend too.  And you can't see it, but she has a bruise and red spot on her forehead.  Poor Lily Kate!

Ummm  I didn't get around to posting her 10 month pic or stats.  Here she is at 10 months:

Not much has changed since 9 months.  She is sleeping the same, eating the same, in the same size diaper...  She can now say Gage, Ella, and meow (try saying meow without the e...  that's how she says it -- cute!). 

She is obsessed with babies!  She will give her babies sugar and loves to see a baby when we are out and about.  She points and says baby, even to kids older than her.  Sweet! 

Oh, here is something that she has just figured out she can do... but she doesn't!  I can't believe I got these pics, because she usually will not hold her sippy cup for more than .5 seconds.  And no, she has yet to hold her bottle...

We have loved the warm weather.  We have walked/strolled almost everyday, and played in the grass a bit.  This past weekend Lily Kate and her Daddy went on a 4-wheeler ride.  She doesn't want to ride, she wants to DRIVE!  She loves being outside.
Ok, a question for ya -- How many toothpicks are in a 500 count box of toothpicks?  500 you guess?  NOPE!  Try 9 bamillion 400 petrillion 26 kazillion and 342.  Yep really, and since Lily Kate has learned to open cabinets and drawers, she opened the drawer, pulled the box out, and spilled them all over the kitchen floor.  She then thought it was fun to scatter them.  I picked up toothpicks for what seemed to be hours. (ok, that was a tiny bit of exaggeration... but the number of toothpicks wasn't haha).  Get this, the next day I swept and found 2 more...  and about 2 days later I swept again and found another...  where do they come from!!??!!

And now for a teary moment -- Lily Kate has taken a total of 3 steps.  Yes I know, she is growing up way too fast.  She can free stand for a good little bit and is figuring out to take a step or two.  I keep telling her she can wait, but I don't think she is listening to me!

Taylor and I are great too.  We are just enjoying every second we have with Lily Kate and preparing for our new blessing's arrival.  We went to the dr. today and everything looks great.  We got an official due date of Oct 12 but I will be scheduled for a week early.  We won't know boy or girl until the end of May, but Taylor is already calling this one a boy (wishful thinking!).  Of course we want a healthy baby,  and we will be happy with boy or girl.  Taylor really wants a boy to carry on his name...  we will see!  Oh, and this baby's nickname is Green Pea.  That's what size he was when we told Gage and Ella, and it just stuck!

Ok, enough for tonight.  It is way late (past 8, right???) and I need every second of sleep I can get these days.  So it's off to dream land for me.  I love the dreams you have while expecting... they are great!

Night Night!

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  1. The toothpicks crack me up! haha. I know it wasnt funny to you:)