Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun at the County Fair!

Ever since I was a wee little one, I remember going to our fair.  It is tiny.  It is old.  But I loved it, just as all kids do.  Last year Lily Kate was too small to take, so we were excited about taking her this year for the first time to the Brookhaven fair!!!  Mimi and Aunt K K came down and to the fair we went!

It was soooo hot!!! 

Lily Kate was waiving to Aunt K K!

And now for some videos...  This one is of Lily Kate watching herself walk in her new shoes.  I told you she was obsessed with them!

And here is Lily Kate with Aunt K K, Daddy, and Mimi.

There wasn't very much that Lily Kate could do, but Aunt K K found something fun.  Here they are on the merry go round!

And here they are coming back from their train ride!  I think Lily Kate loved it...

We were only there for about 45 minutes (yay!!!).  And Lily Kate had a great time on her 2 rides, but do you know what was her very favorite of all....  walking by herself in her new shoes and saying hey to everyone!!!  Her favorite people to walk up to were 12 year old boys... her daddy told her that she was not to chase boys but to let them chase her!

Fun fun fun at the county fair!


  1. O what memories the fair brings! It was just yesterday when you and Phillip were that size and we were taking you to the fair. I love your blog and all you say and the pics and videos are perfect...

  2. I had a blast with her on the 2 rides and if only it was 70 degrees it would have been perfect!