Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's going on...

So I have been a bad blogger.  A bad bad blogger.  That might not disappoint you, but it does me!  This is my way of remembering and keeping up with our family's history!  This post is hopefully going to play catch up on what's been going on around here.  I do think that I have a pretty good reason why I have been absent lately....  I am sooooooooo ready to have this baby!  Ok, here are some updates:

*  I have a new camera!!!  YAY!!!  Here is a pic of what I chose, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  It came with one lens and I bought the larger one to go with it.  I am so excited about it and have started "playing" with it already.  I haven't gotten my software on my computer yet for downloading, but as soon as I do I will share some pics with you!  It is super fancy, I probably won't ever be able to use it to its full capacity.  But I will do my best!  Thanks Taylor for my new camera, I love you and it!

* Lily Kate is 17 months old and so silly.  She has found her belly button, and watch out because she knows where yours is too.  She loves to sing, and her favorite songs right now are The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus.  She wants to sing them over, and over, and over, and over.  She also knows where the 3 sets of horsies are on the way to Mrs. Ann's.  She tells the "neighs" hey every morning and afternoon.  It's too cute!  Lily Kate has moved up to the next class at church, so she is now in the 1 year olds.  I just can't believe that my baby is growing up so fast!  Lily Kate loves going outside, especially playing with the kitties. Peanut Butter is the only kitty that will really let her love on him, all the others run into the woods.  I took a pic of her with Peanut Butter the other day, I'll post it when I download it.  She is such a good sleeper, always happy, is a pretty good eater, and just such a joy.

* Green Pea will be here soon... and the sooner the better!  I am ready for her to get here!

Can you believe she was the size of a green pea when we found out she was coming, and now she is the size of a watermelon!  Amazing!  This summer has been so hot and I haven't gotten to be lazy like I was with Lily Kate (because I spend my time chasing her instead of being able to nap!!!).  We are still scheduled for Oct 4, only 17 more days!!!  I plan on packing tomorrow which will help it feel closer!  I have to pack for me, Lily Kate, and Green Pea.  Taylor can pack his own bags I hope!  I wonder what Green Pea will look like, and who she will favor...  what do you think?  Well are you ready for an announcement?  She finally has a name...  Lucy Cullen Gibson!  We will call her Lucy, but I bet even after she gets here we still call her Green Pea haha!

Well, I am sure lots more has been going on but that at least gets you a little caught up with us Gibsons... and now you know Green Pea's name!

Comments please???!!!

Taylor and Rebecca
Lily Kate and Green Pea Lucy!


  1. Love love love the name Lucy Cullen! I can't believe it's already time to meet green pea! Let's see... I think she is going to look more like you!

  2. I lovvveeeee her name! Sounds perfect for her and sounds so good with Lily Kate's. I can/t wait to meet her. Precious baby! xoxo

  3. Ok, well I already know what I will call her and that is LUCY LU! ( is that how you spell it??) It just automatically rolls off my tongue. Can't wait to see this precious baby!