Monday, October 3, 2011

Are we ready???

We survived Lily Kate...

Will we survive having 2 young ones???

I just don't know, I am ready to panic!

We have cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned.  Taylor washed our house and has the yard looking great.  He also steamed cleaned the carpets, changed out all of our blinds, and replaced blown light bulbs.  I worked inside cleaning, organizing, and packing.  We have been busy, but we have gotten so much done!

Tomorrow is the day.  We are to be at the hospital at 7, and Lucy Cullen should be here around 9.  We are so excited and hope Lily Kate will love her new little sister.  I have no idea when I will be back to blog, so I will leave you with a few snap shots of Lily Kate, Gage, & Ella.  These are from my new camera, but I have not yet learned how to work it so they could be so much better!  Bye for now!

Lily Kate is sooo silly these days:

Lily Kate and her BFF Peanut Butter:

He lets her torture her!

Ella and her friend Lucy:

Gage at a soccer game:


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