Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To the doctor... with both girls, oh my!

Lily Kate had her 18 month check up and Lucy had her 2 week check up on the same day.  I thought it would be easier to take both girls to the doctor at the same time... but I think I was wrong, it was crazy!  Lily Kate was wild.  Anyone who has been around Lily Kate lately should not be surprised.  She started out silly but ended up showing out.  Let me tell you how Dr. Shann described her: entering her terrible twos early!!!  Then, Lucy decided she was hungry and let's just say that I wore a dress that would not allow nursing to be discrete, so she stayed hungry.  Don't worry grandparents, I fed her as soon as we left the doctor's office.

Here is a recap of what we found out about our 2 beautiful girls:

Lily Kate weighed 22 lbs 1 oz which is in the 25 percentile.  Her height is 35", which is in the 97 - 100 percentile.  Let's just say she is our skinny minnie!  She is healthy and growing just fine, with a good report from Dr. Shann.  She is so silly these days.  She laughs at herself and it make us laugh too!  She is obsessed with Lucy and wants to kiss her every single time she sees her.  That just melts my heart and I hope it stays this way!

Lucy was 7 lbs 10 oz and in the 50 percentile for weight.  Her height is 20 1/2" and in the 75 percentile for height.  She is growing way faster than Lily Kate did.  She has a small heart murmur like her big sister, but they think she will out grow it.  Dr. Shann also gave her a good check up.  Lucy sleeps pretty good.  She wakes up twice during the night, which is not too bad.  She hardly ever cries.  Seriously!  The only time she does is when she is hungry.  Other than that she is just as calm and good as can be.  I hope she stays this way!

Here are a few pics.  This first is one of my favorites.  Every time Lily Kate kisses Lucy, she says AWWWW.  This is how happy she is when she kisses her!

Taylor and his 2 girls...

Thanks Aunt Wee Wee for helping with our quick Halloween photo shoot.  It isn't easy getting a good pic with Lily Kate, she doesn't want to sit still!

Lucy likes to half smile:

I think he loves this little girl, what do you think???

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  1. Love my healthy niece's! How did I get so lucky to call these precious angels my niece's!??!!