Friday, February 3, 2012

What to blog about...

My mind is blank.  I have writer's block.  I have no ideas on what to blog about.  So here is just pure randomness!

Lily Kate is a talker.  
She can say just about anything we ask her to (except Poppy!  poor Poppy, but she does love you!).  She finally is saying Ewwa for Ella and this makes us all happy.  She doesn't say Gagu anymore, she now says Gage.  This makes me sad because she is growing up so fast!  Lily Kate loves to talk on the phone.  We let her talk to Ninnie, Poppy, Mimi, Wee Wee, Day Day, Paw Paw, and others.  Sometimes we have to hide the phone from her!

Lily Kate is a talker and loves food!
She is saying sentences now.  What???!!!  The other day she got in the truck from Mrs. Ann's and said "I wanna snack Mama".  My heart melted.  And then we get home and she said it 5 billion times.  I offered her everything we had in the kitchen that could be classified as a snack.  She was not satisfied.  So I asked her to show me what she wanted.  Get this -- she wanted the box of brown sugar.  Yes you read that correctly.  She pitched a fit for it.  I was too scared to "prove" to her that she didn't want the brown sugar, just my luck she would have loved it and wanted more.  Another food funny is the other night she said "bite I want Mama".  I thought it was cute that she swapped the order!

Lucy is a smiler!
Lucy Cullen smiles all the time.  If she wakes up during the night, or when she wakes up in the mornings, she has a smile on her face.  I roll over to get her out of her bouncy seat and her smile makes me smile.  What a way to wake up!   She smiles when Lily Kate talks to her, and even when Lily Kate gives her a zerbert on her tummy!  Today a pic of Lily Kate came on my computer screen saver, and she smiled... how sweet!  She is always happy and is such a joy.

Lucy is a pig!
She loves to eat... and eat... and eat!  We were excited that she was able to nurse for 3 months.   She is on formula now and wants a bottle every 2 hours!  She is wearing a size 2 diaper, and basically skipped size 1 diapers.  She is outgrowing her 6 month clothes and moving into 9 months (she has on a 9 month today!).  Lily Kate is our skinny minny, and we call Lucy our chunky monkey! 

Lily Kate loves attention, Lucy likes to be left alone!
Lily Kate thrives on attention and people visiting and people laughing and squealing.  She is always ready to go somewhere and do something.  And Lily Kate never meets a stranger.  She makes friends at the mall, at Wal Mart, at the doctor's office...  everywhere.  And you better speak to her when she is introducing herself or she gets louder and louder until you do!  Lucy wants to be at home with just her Mama, Daddy, and Lily Kate.  Lucy does have one special person that she loves, and that is her Poppy.  She flirts and makes sweet eyes for Poppy that she doesn't make for anybody else!  Not even me!  And her Poppy loves that.  He had surgery about 2 weeks ago and has a 6 week recovery.  Well Lily Kate is too wild to be around him right now, but Lucy has gone to visit almost every day.  I just know her visits make Poppy feel better.  They talk and coo and smile to each other.  It's super sweet.

 Here are a few recent pics of Lily Kate...

with her BFF Peanut Butter

and with Baby...

I love this close up...

Here is one of her "cheese" pics...

She was getting tired of this photo shoot!


Poor Lucy.  I don't have near as many pics of her.  And the ones I do have are snapshots on the couch or in dirty clothes.  I need to have a photo shoot with her!!

Lily Kate went to the dentist this past Tuesday.  We went to a new dentist in McComb and we loved her!  She was super sweet and so was her staff.  Lily Kate did such a great job!  They could not believe how she sat there and let them work in her mouth. 

Here she is with Dr. Jones...

And Lily Kate's favorite part was getting a "boon"...

We played with this boon all day long, and cried the next morning when it wouldn't float!

Here are a few of Lucy...


See, isn't this smile contagious!

And a quick video...

Ok, more updates soon! (hopefully!)

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  1. I love love Lucy's Photo Shoot! She is beautiful!!!!! just like her big sissy!!