Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 30th!

As you can see, I am a little behind in my blogging.  Taylor turned 30 on January 5.  He had been dreading the big 3-0, but has found out that it is not that bad!  We went to Clinton the weekend of his birthday and had a "bowling" party.  Taylor loves to bowl, so it was perfect.  Here are some pics... though most of them are of Lily Kate and not the birthday boy!

 Lily Kate had a blast.  She bowled.  And she socialized alot!  Here is the step by step recap of her 1st bowling experience, thanks to Aunt Wee Wee.

I think she picked her bowling ball out because of the pretty color!
Cousins Julie and ~twin Brooke or Brianna~ helped her get to the lane.

Here we go...
Yay, this is fun!

It's actually getting to the pins (thanks to the bumpers)!

It hit the pins, yay!

Now we rest until her next turn.

Here is the birthday boy.  He is really good at bowling, because he bowled with his grandfather for many years.  He made many strikes, quite a few spares, and even some turkeys!

Doesn't he look professional with his stance haha!

Fuzzy, but the birthday boy with his Lily Kate

Lily Kate waits patiently...

 Mimi loved the bowling party, she got to keep up with Lucy.  And this was her first time to feed Lucy a bottle!

 Ok, one more step by step of Lily Kate.  Her bowling adventure was too cute and so very fun.

See, it's a green ball this time!

There it goes, down the lane!

And there Lily Kate goes, down the lane!  We had to run after her MANY times!
Caught ya Lily Kate!
Here are a few of the "party".

Mamaw with the birthday boy and Lily Kate


Then Sunday after we went to church, we went to visit Grandmommy.  She fixed lunch and it was sooo good.  Isn't it always the best to go eat at a grandmother's house, they know how to cook!

Happy Birthday Taylor, we love you!

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  1. The bowling party was a great idea! it was fun! :)