Monday, September 10, 2012

11 months... Really?!?

My sweet little Lucy Cullen is growing up.  She is now 11 months old, and quickly on her way to being 1.  I will say that for the first 10 1/2 months she was the calmest, quietest, most laid back baby I have ever seen.  Well these days she is coming out of her shell.  She is learning that she has a voice and she wants people to hear her.  She jibber jabbers a good bit, she has started dancing when she hears music, she is pulling up and walking behind push toys, and she has started biting.  Hopefully the last will be over soon, we can't have a biter!  Though she is still very very sweet, my new way to describe her is feisty!!!

She is a Poppy's girl.  While she loves everybody, her Poppy is her love.  He walks into the room and she just gets this huge grin on her face and goes straight to him.  She holds her hands up and he just can't resist.  Sweet!

She is drinking out of a sippy cup and her favorite is whichever one her big sister has.  Lucy Cullen loves to eat.  She will eat anything that you feed her.  And she eats a lot!  She will catch up to Lily Kate in weight very very soon.  Lucy Cullen has a great defense with Lily Kate -- she just crawls right on top of her and then Lily Kate can't move.  It's too funny!

We call her E.T. because she points all the time.  She holds out her pointed finger for you to touch your finger to hers.  And she loves to crawl around with something hanging out of her mouth.  It can be a toy, and washcloth, a sippy cup, just anything.  I think she is quite talented!

I took her 11 month pics last week, actually on the right day!  I took some of them together, but they will have to be in another post because this one is just for Lucy Cullen.  Here are just a few of them...


This is how she gets everybody to pick her up.  Look at that grin and those arms...

It won't be long and this little cutie will be walking.   Oh my, what am I going to do with 2 kiddos walking around???

This is my favorite...

Yes, she hates her headbands just like her big sister did...

Ok, next milestone is turning one!  Can you guess what her birthday party theme is???

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