Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 100th Granny!

Lily Kate and Lucy Cullen are so blessed to have a huge family surrounding them that love them so.  This past weekend we celebrated Granny's 100th birthday!  This is the girls great-great-grandmother, also Taylor's great-grandmother, also Mimi's grandmother.

Here are a few of sweet Lucy Cullen while we were waiting our turn to visit with Granny.  **There are always about a patrillion people over at Granny's, and this event brought out even more!!!

 Lily Kate has always loved climbing in bed with Granny and snuggling with her when we visit.  She gives her sugar and talks to her, and this time she even tried to feed Granny some of her cookie.  Granny was smart and said no thanks!

 Lucy Cullen on the other hand is not so sure about the situation...


    I wanted a pic of both girls with Granny, and this was what I got...

Mimi with Granny...

 And here is a pic of the "young" kids that were at the party.  There are many more that didn't get to make it. 


Happy 100th Granny!

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