Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clean Teeth!

Today was dentist day, and both girls had an appointment to get their teeth cleaned.  Here they are in the waiting room.  Lily Kate didn't want me to take her pic, but I snapped one anyway!

Lily Kate was such a big girl!  She took her x-rays all by herself, and loved it.

She listened to every word, and did just what they told her to do.  (Hmmm, wish that happened at home haha!)

Sweet "Fran" even gave her some gloves...

Lucy Cullen was ready for her turn...

Almost time for cleaning, Lily Kate plays with her gloves and stickers!

Lucy Cullen just sat and watched, taking it all in!

It's now Lucy Cullen's turn.  Not many pictures here, as I had to hold this sweet girl down!  She did NOT like these ladies in her space.  Anybody that knows her is not surprised!  She cried and cried, poor baby!

This is the after picture.  See those teary eyes, red nose, and puffy cheeks.  She was just glad her turn was over!

And now for a quick random.  Here is a pic of our sweet blessing #3!!!  This baby looks different that Lily Kate or Lucy Cullen, and definitely has Taylor's chin!  We will find out in May if this baby is a boy or a girl, can't wait!

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