Friday, March 1, 2013

What a morning...

If you knew me before I had babies, you knew that I was somewhat organized, usually on time, and had a clean house.  If you know me know after having babies, you know that I am unorganized, always late, and that my house looks like a tornado came through it.  It's true.  And most days I might have on make up but my hair is barely dried and not fixed, or that I have on a cute shirt but there is dried snot on my pants, or something to that effect.  But I will say that if we are going somewhere, my girlies are going to be looking cuuuuuuute.  They do anyway, but I make sure they are dressed cute too!

Well I have been trying to get to work a little earlier.   Please note the two important words are "little" and "earlier".  I am not trying to get to work hours before I normally do, and I am not trying to get there early.  Just a little earlier.  Well I was so excited on Monday because I was going to leave my house about 10 minutes before my goal.  Yay!!!  I couldn't believe it, that both girls and I were actually ready earlier than planned.  I was dressed, actually had make up on and I had fixed my hair.  My girls had eaten breakfast, looked super cute and had their hair pulled up, and were actually in good moods.  I had two full sippie cups and two blankets, diapers for the babysitter, my keys, my phone, and my camera.  Since I was ready 10 minutes earlier than my goal, I was gonna snap their picture outside.  Why not, I always need more pics of my babies!

So we get outside and the girls are standing there waiting on me to get my camera ready.  I am putting the diapers, sippies, and blankets in the truck and getting my camera out for our mini photo shoot.  I shut the door and go towards the girls to get them in place and.......


I knew exactly what had just happened.

I had locked my keys in my truck.  And my cell phone.  But no panic, I had my camera haha!  

Thank you Lord that the down pour had not started yet.  So I just stood there for a minute and thought about what to do.  Ok, we could walk down to Ninnie and Poppy's house.  They weren't there, but I could Poppy's truck at least.  So we walked down to their house.  It took forever.  I carried Lucy Cullen because, well, she is slow.  And Lily Kate played as she walked, which took forever.  And PB the kitty followed us, so Lily Kate had to stop and talk to him every 2 steps.  We finally got there.  But before we went inside, I took their pics.  Then we went in, got the keys to Poppy's truck, and got in the truck.  One problem, no car seats.  I am still not panicking, but trying to figure out what to do.  I am a firm believer in seat-belts and car-seats, so I wasn't going to just start driving to town.  So I did start driving, not towards town, but to the neighbor's house.  It's just right down the road, not far at all.  I didn't know if she would be home, but when we pulled up I saw her car.  Thank you again Lord!  I left the girls in the truck and went to knock on the door.  No answer.  What!!!???  So I knocked again, and still no answer.  I now wanted to panic, but I didn't.  As I started back to the truck, she came to the door!!!  I am sure she though I was crazy, because I was so excited to see her and tried to tell her the whole story in about 2 seconds while at the same time borrowing her phone.  The end of the story is that I called my office and Mrs. Ann came and rescued us.  I finally got in my truck, got the girls to the babysitter, and got to work.  At my normal time...  but I tried!

What else do you do when you are locked out of your house and truck, have no cell phone, but have you camera???  Take pics!  Ok, here are the pics you've been waiting for.  Please look carefully at my sweet girlies!



Well, did you notice anything???  If not, go back and read their shirts.  Yep, they are going to be big sisters!!!  Taylor and I will be welcoming our 3rd blessing into our family in September.  Thank you Lord again and again and again for all 3 of our precious babies.


  1. Soo happy that you are back on the blog! and sooo happy about our 3rd blessing! Can't wait to meet HIM or her! Haha! :)))

  2. Oh my! i am just catching up on reading blogs while my students are testing. I totally missed out on some good stuff! CONGRATULATIONS!! When i saw you the other day in WM, I had nooo clue! Geez, I gotta get with the program! Do you work everyday? maybe we can get together and let the kids play sometime this summer, and catch up in REAL time.
    Again, Congratulations! Welcome to the family of 5 club - it's crazy-busy but awesome, awesome, awesome!