Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A video or two...

I have the hardest time getting videos to load on here.  I hate that, because I take almost as many videos as I do pics.  Hard to believe, huh!  Well I decided to try the other day, and here are a few video I actually got to load.  Enjoy!

Lucy Cullen singing.  Can you tell what song this is???

It's Deep and Wide!!!  She sings "Deep, Wide, Deep, Wide, Deep, Wide..."  a million times a day.  But it's ok, we love it!!!

Here is Lucy Cullen trying her very first popsicle...

Lily Kate loves looking for big trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, motorcycles, and these trucks when we are riding...

Yep, that's her version of UPS truck!!!  I loooove it!

Ok, I'm gonna try again soon for more!

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