Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby #3...

Ok, ok.  This baby is not even here yet, but already gets the short end of everything.  We are trying to do better, and so this post is devoted to baby #3!!!

Here is baby at 7 weeks.  So tiny!!!

And here is baby at 19 weeks, 4 days.  We found out boy or girl at this sono.  Do you want to know???  I have a pic that proves it, but I am not broadcasting that to the world wide web.  Oh, I haven't told you yet???  Sorry!  Baby #3 is a...


We are so excited that Taylor gets to carry on the Gibson name, but more excited that he is healthy!  Taylor and I never could come up with a nickname for baby #3.  Poor baby.  So P-up (my brother) decided that we were calling this baby Mike!  Taylor thought that was fitting, since his middle name is Michael.  So I guess this baby is Mike until we name him!  Speaking of naming him, you all know that Taylor likes to take his dear precious time when it comes to naming our babies.  So no, we don't have a name yet.  Any suggestions???

I love feeling him kick and move around.  Taylor has felt him a few times, and Gage is itching to feel him kick.  Lucy Cullen was sitting in my lap at church Sunday and she didn't realize it, but he kicked her a few times.  I guess he is preparing for taking up for himself once he gets here!

We have so much to do before his arrival.  I am already nesting (poor Taylor, he really doesn't understand this part of being prego), and we have to basically turn our house upside down.  Clean his room completely out by moving some furniture into our room and the rest in the shed, move furniture from our room to his.  Get his crib, set up the co-sleeper.  And so much more!  I have already cleaned the girls' room completely out.  I'm talking take everything out of the closet, vacuum, get rid of anything that Lucy Cullen won't be able to wear, and reorganize their entire room.  I have cleaned our closet completely out.  I have cleaned out the furniture in our room that will be going to his room, but have to clean his room out before it can be moved.  That will be the hard part, because it is a mixture of mine and Taylor's stuff that we call the "office".  I'm not touching his stuff, and he better not touch mine!  See, I told you we had a lot to do and this is just a partial list!  We are working on it, slowly but surely.

Ok, I think Mike is ready for a snack so I better go for now.  Comments and name suggestions please!!!

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