Monday, June 17, 2013

Dedicating Sweet Lucy Cullen...

We had such a special day yesterday with our sweet family.  In addition to being Father's Day, we dedicated our sweet Lucy Cullen to the Lord while at church.  Bro. David had asked on Wednesday if Taylor and I would give our testimony.  Well I started panicking Wed night and didn't stop until we sat down after the dedication was over.  Yep, I panicked that long!  I spoke for a little over 2 minutes and Taylor talked for right at 20 min.  You can look up Church of the Way, at Brookhaven on Facebook and listen to the dedication and sermon.  It's titled "Man Up".  It was beautiful.

Here is a pic that was snapped at the beginning of the dedication...

Lily Kate was standing beside me in the beginning, but ended up in Bro. David's arms.  He held her most of the time, and told us afterwards that she got heavy!  At the end she went back to sit with all of our family, and Lucy Cullen got a little restless in my arms.  Ninnie, Poppy, Mimi, Johnny, P-up, Gage, Ella, Day Day, and Mr. Walk all came to church with us.

Here are a few pics of my sweet Lucy Cullen after the dedication...



After church we went to eat at Cracker Barrel, and took some pictures when we were finished...

Ninnie and Poppy's grand babies.  As you can see, Lily Kate was not in the mood for pics.  

The best of the Browns.  My eyes were partially closed, but the kids are all looking!

Mimi and her babies...


This is the best of our family pic.  Like I have said in the past, memories!!!

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!  He is the best!


And a few more of Lucy Cullen...



It broke my heart that Lucy Cullen wasn't able to wear the Christening gown that my Daddy, my brother Phillip, nephew Gage, and Lily Kate all wore.  It was handmade about 62 years ago and is so special in our family.  It is for an infant, and as you can see Lucy Cullen was a little older when she got dedicated.  But I do love the linen dress she wore, and hopefully she will be able to keep hers for many years.

I started my blog after Lily Kate was dedicated, so here are some pics from her dedication.  She was dedicated on Father's Day June 2010, which was the day after she had been in the hospital for 2 1/2 days.  She had just turned 2 months old.

As I said, this gown was worn by Poppy, P-up, Gage, and Lily Kate.  Hopefully baby boy will be dedicated in it too!

We missed Mamaw being at Lucy Cullen's dedication.  So glad she was at Lily Kate's!

We also missed Grandmommy!  Again we were glad she was able to come to Lily Kate's!

We love our babies!  Thank you Lord for them, and please guide us in how to raise them to become godly adults!

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  1. Hey Ma Ma! They're beautiful girls, huh? I love you!