Friday, July 12, 2013

Growing on up...

I have so many ideas and events that I want and need to blog about, but just not enough time (or energy).  Maybe one day I will actually get to sit down and do it!  Until then, here are a few stories about how my sweet girls are growing up so quickly!

** We were in church a few weeks ago, and Lily Kate was busy playing with her cars and garbage truck that she brought with her.  She was playing quietly, not being very still, but she wasn't disrupting anyone at the time.  Bro. David mentioned the fruit of the Spirit, and she looked at me and named all 9, and went right back to playing.

Galations 5: 22-23       But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 

Taylor has been teaching them to hear for a while now.  Do you realize that she is just 3, was not paying him any attention, but at the same time every word that he was saying was sinking into her mind.  Thank you Jesus for this precious girl, and that she hears YOUR word.

** Just yesterday we were riding to the baby sitter's, and out of the blue she asks me "Where is God?".  So we had a great conversation about God is everywhere and God takes care of us.  She always comments when it rains that God makes it rain, and that God made everything.

** Lily Kate went to Vacation Bible School at Ninnie's church and had a BLAST.  The motto this year was "Facing fear, Trusting God".   She loooooved the music and is still singing all the songs she learned.  Lucy Cullen was a different story.  She would NOT stay in her class, so she went to work with me in the mornings and then at lunch went with Ninnie to eat and for nap time.  I helped 2 days, and she helped me those days but was scared that I was going to try to leave her again.  She clung to me the entire 3 hours!  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the daily pictures from VBS.  If not, here are a few from the first day...

This was before I tried to leave Lucy Cullen.  She was happy while we were walking around and meeting everybody...

And here are a few from the VBS commencement.  They did give Lucy Cullen a certificate, even though she is a VBS drop out!!!  As always, Lily Kate loved the music and all the attention...

This is her friend Jack.  She loves him!

** Both girls know their blessing, "God is great, God is good..." Lily Kate knows it word for word, and Lucy Cullen catches about every other word.  Lily Kate then will say her own "Dear Lord" blessing where she thanks God for this and that.  Sometimes she gets silly, and sometimes she is thankful for things that we usually aren't thankful for (like throwing up !!!???) but she is learning to pray!

** At night we say our night night prayers and the girls (usually Lily Kate) repeat after us.  One morning in church Lily Kate realized that Bro. David was praying, so she started repeating after him.  It was so sweet, and again she is sinking in what she is hearing in church, even if she's not paying much attention!

I'm so grateful for these girls to be learning about God and Jesus, and can't wait for the day when they accept Him personally as their savior!!!
Ok, so this was mainly about my Lily Kate, but Lucy Cullen is growing up quickly too!  When baby boy arrives, Lily Kate will be 3 1/2 and Lucy Cullen will be 2!!!  Oh my!!!

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