Friday, December 17, 2010

A day with Aunt Wee Wee

Last week Aunt Wee Wee kept LKG while I went shopping in Jackson.  I always like to leave my camera so that she can snap pictures during the day, it just kinda makes me feel included in the fun that she and Lily Kate have.  So that night, after we got home I was flipping through the pics and came across these pics.  The first is Lily Kate on a rocking horse -- I didn't even know she was big enough to sit on one!  Aunt Wee Wee said she couldn't rock, but that she loved sitting there and pulling on the horses mane... 

And this pic confused me.  Did Aunt Wee Wee get her a happy -- No...  Aunt Wee Wee was letting her get a "sneak peak" at one of her Christmas presents!  Isn't that funny!  Looks to me that she really likes it!

Thank you God for wonderful Aunts!


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