Friday, December 3, 2010

Lily Kate with Santa!

Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Lily Kate!

Ha ha, ok, Merry Christmas!  Since this is Lily Kate's 1st Christmas, I just had to throw that in there!  We have been so busy here lately!  What have we been doing?  Well let me just show ya!

Mimi had a birthday on November 27 and guess how she wanted to celebrate...  By taking Lily Kate to see Santa Clause at Bass Pro!  Anybody that knows Mimi would be shocked/surprised/happy/stunned to know that something finally got her into that place haha!  Of course we took some pics...  happy looking!

Me, Mimi, Taylor, Lily Kate, Aunt Wee Wee, Aunt K K

Julie, Mimi the Birthday Girl, Lily Kate

And now for the Santa story & pics...  Lily Kate loved, loved, loved Santa!  I wasn't sure how she would react to this big man in a red suit with a red hat and a full grown (real!) beard.  When it was our turn I just walked right up and plopped her in his lap.  She immediately threw her head back to look at him (yes, with that oh-so-serious face that she like to make) and went straight for his beard.  She would rub his beard and look at him so lovingly, which was so sweet!  Then the elves started jingling their bells to get her attention for the camera, and she would look at the camera and grin, and then look back at Santa, grin at the camera, grin at Santa...  you get the idea!  The pic they took was sooooo cute, thanks Mimi!

Here is Julie telling Santa what she wants...  Her pic was tooooo cute!

Of course we had to go eat for Mimi's birthday, so Lone Star it was!  And of course there was lots of family...  that's with any occasion!

Johnny Gramps, Mimi, Aunt Wee Wee

Taylor and Mamaw

Jana, Alex & Julie -- a sweet family!

See...  I told ya I would use the high chair cover as soon as I got it.  Lily Kate loves it and so do I!
Okie Dokie...  Talk to ya soon!



  1. These pics are too cute! Yay for Christmas and more family time! Miss y'all!

  2. I agree with Aunt Wee Wee, can't wait until Christmas! I'm so glad I get to be there for our precious lily Kate's first christmas!