Wednesday, January 19, 2011

9 Months already!!!

Ok, I say this every month but can you believe that Lily Kathleen Gibson is already 9 months old??? Oh, just yesterday... 

Newborn Lily Kate -- leaving the hospital

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months
4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months
and I will post her 9 month pic soooon!

So, here are some of Lily Kate's 9 month stats:

* Lily Kate likes to talk.  She can say Mama, Dada, Bye Bye, no no, and nigh nigh.  She also jabbers alot.  It is the sweetest to hear her call for Mama or Dada...  it just melts our hearts!  And what about her saying no no, hmmm do we say it too much... isn't that how she learned it haha!!!???

*  She has 7 teeth, and at least 2 more on the way.  She loves to bite...  and it hurts!  She will bite anywhere that gets near her mouth...  your shoulder, knee, nose, lip, cheek...  anywhere!  Now that she has teeth, we brush them...  and Lily Kate loves it!  Hopefully she will always like brushing her teeth...  we will just wait and see if there will be battles over making her brush them.

* Lily Kate is a motor scooter when it comes to crawling.  She can get anywhere she wants, and she gets there quickly!  She can stand up by herself while holding on to something, and she wants to walk so badly.  She tries but is still too weak.  Oh my, it won't be long and she is going to take off walking!  Life will never be the same!

* She is wearing a size 3 diaper!!! 

*She still sleeps through the night, yay!!!  (Unless she is having ear probs!)  And she takes two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

* Lily Kate loves everybody!!!  It doesn't matter where we go, she is going to squeal and laugh and talk to everybody that she sees!  She gets lots of attention because she is always sooooooo happy!

* Lily Kate has had ear infections between 8 and 9 months.  Let's just say it has been hard on her, and on her mama and daddy!  We have had many rough nights with no sleep and a screaming baby!  Poor Lily Kate, but hopefully we are over it! 

* She has learned to fake sneeze.  Yes, fake sneeze... and it is tooo cute.  I need it on video, and then to share the video with you!

* Lily Kate is eating a little table food.  She still hates baby food, but has learned that she likes a few things off our plate.  Some of her faves are baked sweet potatoes, green beans, potatoes, and mac & cheese. 

* She has finally gotten a puff from her fingers to her mouth!!!  She has been trying, but the puffs are so small that she has had trouble getting them from point A to point B.  But now she can do it!

Now for the fun stuff:

We went to the doctor today for her 9 month check up.  She weighs 18 lbs 10 oz, which is in the 50 percentile.  She is 30" long, which is in the 97 percentile, and her head is in the 90 percentile...  we always knew her head was big!  She loves Dr. Braden, and he loves her.  He said that she is finally healthy!  He said that this was the healthiest she has been since she was born - yay!!!  She has had a small heart murmor for the past few times we have been to the children's clinic (and with her ear probs, we have been there bunches lately!)...  so we are having an echo of her heart tomorrow.  He really thinks it will be normal, but wants to check it out and make sure.

Well enough for now!  I will post an update on her test tomorrow, and her 9 month pic as soon as I get it!

Oh, and thank you to all of my new followers and the comments ya'll have been writing!  It really excites me to see that somebody out there is reading!!!



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