Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look what Lily Kate can do!

Good Wednesday morning!

There have been soooo many videos that I want to capture and share with you... But you know how kids are, they never ever ever do what you want when you want them to.  And Lily Kate is no exception.  I wanted to get her roaring, and now she won't roar for anything!  I wanted to get her fake sneezing, but she doesn't fake sneeze anymore... 

Ninnie (my mother) did get her on video at the office the other day.  She has this toy that is a walker with a toy on the front.  For the longest time I have taken the toy off for her to play with because she couldn't stand to play with it.  Then recently I have left the toy attached and she plays with it that way.  But Monday Lily Kate decided on her own that she wanted to get behind it and...................

Wow!  What a big girl (even though the walker is really dragging her haha!).  I don't know if I am ready for this!!!


  1. AWW!! Look at that big girl!! soo cute. Take some more video of her...I love it!

  2. Oops! that was from Aunt KK

  3. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that is Lily Kate!! No really, is that a stunt double? My niece is not that grown up!!!

  4. AWWW. Can't wait to see her again. My, how she changes so quickly.

  5. How do y'all get any work done with done with precious angel around!haha! She is such a big girl now!