Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Bye Week!

This is a quick blog, with no pics.  I have to tell you about my week, and I am glad today is Friday.

Lily Kate is 13 months old today.  For the first year of her life she has been with me every day, all most all day.  With the few exceptions of an occasional shopping trip to Jackson (where she stayed with Aunt Wee Wee) or when Amanda kept her a day or two a week while I worked a few hours, she has been by my side.  And I have love it!

This week was a major change for all of us.  Lily Kate started with a full-time babysitter.  Taylor and I went and met Mrs. Ann last week, and Lily Kate started Monday. 

Monday.  She looked at me when I dropped her off like why am I not going with you Mama.  I cried boo-hooed as I got back into the truck and drove off, and for at least 3 more hours.  I felt like I was leaving my baby, like I was giving her away.  Mrs. Ann is so super sweet (and has the best reputation in town) and messages me during the day to let me know how everything is going.  She let me know that Lily Kate didn't eat much breakfast, which didn't surprise me - they ate just a few minutes after she got there and she was still in shock.  She didn't play with the other kids much.  Lily Kate was the new kid, so all the other kids swarmed around her wanting to play.  This really overwhelmed her.  Mrs. Ann said she had no problem falling asleep for nap time because she was so tired and she ate a good snack.  When I went to pick her up she started crying as soon as she saw me through the door.  Lily Kate was so tired that night that she went to bed an hour early.  I cried lots that night after she went to bed.

Tuesday was bad (for both of us).  Lily Kate cried and clung to me when I went to hand her to Mrs. Ann.  Yes, I cried when I left, but had it under control by the time I made it to work.  Mrs. Ann said by the time they made it to the playroom she quit crying.  She ate today, napped today, played a bit with the others, and had a few crying spells today.  When I picked her up it was the same as Monday -- she cried when she saw me.  She also cried from when we got home until she took a nap at 5.  Yes that is a late  nap, but she walked down the hall saying Nigh Nigh...  so a late nap she got!  She woke up crying and cried until bed.  I cried a river that night.  Poor Taylor for trying to take care of both of us!

Wednesday was ok.  She cried when I went to hand her over, but she didn't cling to me.  I count that as a partial positive!  Mrs. Ann said she did pretty good during the day.  When I picked her up, she cried.  We went over to Ninnie & Poppy's and she rode the 4-wheeler and we ate supper.  She was exhausted so we didn't make it to church, and Lily Kate went to bed early again.  I cried.

Thursday was a bit different.  When I opened Lily Kate's door to get her out at Mrs. Ann's house, she poked her bottom lip out (that would make anybody tear up!).  She cried as we walked up the walkway and as I handed her over.  I kept it together and didn't cry, but wanted to.  Mrs. Ann messaged me and let me know that Lily Kate has done so much better.  She smiled today and played with everybody.  I needed to hear that!  She cried when I picked her up and was thirsty.  She kept saying juice, juice, juice.  So as soon as we got home I gave her some juice and yogurt.  Then we had to get ready for Ella's kindergarten graduation (post coming up soon!).  Lily Kate loved seeing everybody at graduation, whether she knew them or not!  She squealed and clapped and had a great night.  I didn't cry!

Friday is here.  She cried as I was getting her out of her car seat, so I started singing Pat -a-cake and she started singing while she was crying.  When we got to the "roll it" part, she cried out louder while singing roll it.  It was sad & precious at the same time!

Well, the post wasn't short like I thought it was going to be.  And I am finished for the day, so goodbye!  I'm gone to get my baby!!!


  1. It will be better. For Lily Kate, you, daddy, AND Ninnie and Poppy. xoxo

  2. Aww! This post makes me want to cry! Hopefully the first week was only the hardest and the weeks to follow will be just fine...

    Love Aunt K K

  3. That broke my heart....