Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some time for Green Pea!

Everybody tells me that the 2nd baby doesn't get as much attention as baby # 1.  Green Pea is baby # 2.  Yes, it is already happening so that is why this entire post is dedicated to Green Pea... and there will not be anything in this one about LKG (you know we love her though!!!).

First of all, why is Green Pea's name Green Pea???  We found out we were expecting again and I wanted  to give Gage and Ella an idea of how tiny baby was in my tummy.  I found a website that gives you a weekly fruit or veggie that was about the same size so you could get an idea...  and at that point Green Pea was the size of a green pea and the name just stuck!  Today marks week 18 and Green Pea is the size of a:

Sweet Potato!!!  

He/She weighs about 6.5 oz and is about 5.6" long from head to rump, not counting legs.  Wow, that is amazing huh!  I am just starting to feel Green Pea move around and it such a special feeling.  I know soon that I will be groaning every time he/she moves around, but for now I am enjoying it.  And do ya want to know what all Green Pea is doing?  Green Pea is passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing.  No wonder I am so tired, he/she is never still!!!

And the countdown is on -- 16 days until we know if Green Pea is a boy or a girl!!!  These 16 days will take forever, and then it will seem like forever until Green Pea gets here (due date is October 12, but Green Pea will be arriving about a week early).  So I will be counting the days on any posts for the next 16 days, but until we know for sure please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Will it be pink or blue??? or maybe green...  after all his/her name is Green Pea!!!???


  1. green pea is probably a girl.... but i would LOVE lkg to have a baby brother!!

  2. Blue! Blue! Hoping for a boy but will love a girl just as much!!


  4. Blue! Blue! but I will love another girl just as much!

  5. I hope it's a boy but I will take either.