Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Green Pea Pics

Here are some pics of our little Green Pea, though she is not so little anymore!  Green Pea is now the size of a papaya -- wow!  She is about 12.7 oz and is about 10.5" long, not counting her legs!  Until now she has changed sizes every week, but now she will only change every 4 weeks. 

Green Pea still doesn't have a real name yet, but we are working on that!  Any suggestions?????  We didn't decide Lily Kate's name until the week before she was born, and then Taylor wanted to keep it a secret (this drove me CRAZY!!!).  As soon as we know Green Pea's name, it will be announced via tv, radio, blog, text, email. microphone...  haha! 

Green Pea was pretty calm during the sonogram.  She wasn't turning flips, sucking her thumb or yawning like her big sister did...

I love this one!  She is touching her toe to her forehead.  Can you do that???

And you can see her hand in this one!  CUTE!

I have the pic that assures us that Green Pea is a girl, but I will keep that off of the blog!  22 weeks down, 17 more to go (she will be born a week early)!


Taylor, Rebecca, Lily Kate, and Green Pea

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  1. Oh my goodness! She will be here before we know it! She looks like her big sister!!