Sunday, June 5, 2011

A quick funny!

I know that you are waiting on pics and more info about Green Pea, and I will get to that soon!  Lily Kate decided the middle of last week to get sick, so I haven't been able to do some of those things that I have wanted to do!  

So here is a Lily Kate funny ( and I hope you think its funny/cute...  if not, sorry for a boring post!!!)

Lily Kate has discovered the choo choo at Poppy's office, which means that every time we hear a choo choo (even still far far away), we have to run outside to watch it.  And she doesn't understand or like it when she can hear a choo choo but not see it.  Well the funny part of the story is that now every time she sees an 18-wheeler, she screams choo choo!  It is super cute in my opinion, and I can see where she thinks the two look alike!  Isn't it just amazing to watch these little babies grow and learn.  Thank you God for Lily Kate and the blessing that she is to Taylor and me.  Please guide us on how you want us to raise her.

That's it for tonight...  I will try to do better this week!

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  1. well as her ninnie i think this is absolutely precious, funny, and highly intelligent!