Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To the Dentist!

Lily Kate has a mouth full of teeth, and her first tooth came in at 3 months!!!  So yep, today was Lily Kate's first trip to the dentist! 

In the waiting room...

 she thinks she is a big girl now that she can climb up in a seat!

Daddy came along to help with her.  Thank goodness cause I can't chase this wild girl much these days!

And here we are -- getting our teeth cleaned!  I thought she would be wild and I would have to sit on her and pry her mouth open...  but nope, she was super still and opened her mouth on her own!  When Mrs. Marty needed her mouth open wider, Lily Kate said "Ahhhhhhh" and it opened!

It was super fun watching.  Of course I had to snap a few pics (I did get permission first!).  And to be honest, these last 2 pics are after it was all said and done.  We were pretending here just for the pics... I didn't want to mess up the real cleaning by snapping pics!  Mrs. Marty said she did great and that her teeth look great.  Dr. Reid bragged and bragged on her, saying her teeth look great.  He advised only water after her brushing at night, and I let him know that she didn't drink anything after we brushed.  He was impressed by how her teeth looked and how well mannered she was, but more impressed that she didn't scream or bite him!  He said they usually wear ear plugs and get bitten at a 1st cleaning.  They gave her a new toothbrush, a rubber elephant and a rubber ducky.  Yay Lily Kate, you did great!


  1. I love this girl! Soo sweet and glad I got see y'all the other day. See ya soon :)

  2. Wee Wee Wee Wee Wee WeeJune 17, 2011 at 2:36 PM

    That's my girl!!! I'm so impressed...I was super nervous about it! Go Lily Kate! ...Taylor looked like he was A LOT of help! = )