Thursday, January 12, 2012

A quick 2011 recap...

It is already January 12, 2012 so I won't spend much time talking about 2011...

2011 was a great year for the Gibsons.  If you read my post from last year, you would know that I had a list of "to dos".  Well I did get to mark off some the list, but not very much.  There was one unexpected surprise for 2011 and that was Lucy Cullen, and what a wonderful surprise she was.  Other high lights for 2011 were:

* Lily Kate started walking
* We found out "Green Pea" was on the way
* Lily Kate turned 1and had her 1st birthday party
* Taylor and I had our 2 year anniversary, with many more to come
* Lily Kate started going to Mrs. Ann's, and we all survived
* We found out "Green Pea" was a girl
* Lily Kate went to the dentist
* Lily Kate went to the beach, and loved it
* Lily Kate got 1st runner up in her first water carnival
* We welcomed Lucy Cullen Gibson
* We had two little lambs for Halloween
* We had a wonderful Christmas season

As far as what I wanted to make...  I made most of the recipes that I wanted to, but didn't make any of the other projects.  They are still on my want to make list! 

And my most personal accomplishment from 2011 came from my mother (and she doesn't even know!).  I have always known people who "read the Bible through".  My grandmother, Mamy, was one that I know read her Bible through many many times.  She was such a Godly woman, and I am still amazed at how she touched my life.  Back to my mother.  I heard her talking two years ago about reading her Bible through, and she finished.  Well that got me to thinking that I wanted to do the same.  This sweet couple in our church bought Bibles designed to read in 1 year for everybody that wanted one.  So there were 2 signs that I was to read my Bible through.  I was late getting my Bible ( I waited for the second batch) and got started in March.  It was tough.  It was tough to discipline myself because I had a small baby and another on the way.  It was tough because by the time I got in bed at night I was tired.  It was tough because we were out of town a good bit.  But guess what, I read my Bible through in one year.  I am so proud of myself, but realized that I have so much more to learn!  Thank you Mama for being an example, when you didn't even realize it!

Here's to 2012!

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  1. And you are such an example and inspiration to me. I'm proud of you. Always! xoxo