Monday, May 7, 2012

Lily Kate's 2nd Birthday!

Ok, better late than never!

As you know, Lily Kate turned two on the 13th.  Well, since we weren't having her party then, we couldn't just let the day go by without any type of celebration for the new 2 year old.  So off to McComb we went to eat at Tortilla Soup.  Poppy, Ninnie, Mimi, Wee Wee, and Kay Kay (or Day Day) joined us.

As always, there are tons of pics so I won't take up too much of your time with writing!

Wee Wee brought balloons!!!

Some of the many expressions of Lily Kate...

I'm willing to say she was probably telling someone no in this pic...

We asked the people at the restaurant to sing Happy Birthday to Lily Kate, and they did.  In Spanish.  So then Aunt Kay Kay said we need to sing (the real) Happy Birthday to her where she could understand it, so we did!  She loved all the attention!

Mimi, Wee Wee, and Kay Kay brought a cake!  Guess what Lily Kate did with it...

She put her little 2 year old fingers right in it.  She wouldn't do that at her 1st birthday party when we were wanting her to!  Why???  Because she is 2!!!  I think she likes the icing, what do you think?

Isn't she cute !!!???!!!

Here is the birthday girl in her special outfit.  These pics were really taken on the Sunday after her party because I didn't get any good ones of her that day.  I should have them at the bottom of this post but since I inserted the pics out of order and these came next, next they will be!!!  Warning - pic overload!

Lucy Cullen had to be in at least one pic!

Lily Kate loves to run... especially when I have the camera out!!!

Wee Wee got her this super cute rocking chair!  Lily Kate loves it and it is perfect for pics too!

One of my faves...

Here are the party pics!!!  Lily Kate has the best aunts and uncle around!  Two of her aunts (Wee Wee and Kay Kay) dressed up like think 1 and thing 2!!! 

And Uncle P-up made this super cute frame for pic props!

Ella and her friend Carly

Ok these next few pics are hilarious.  Lily Kate had taken her pic about 345346 times and finally figured out that there was no glass...

So she decided to poke her little 2 year old head through.  So cute!

The birthday girl had about 464 cookies...  hey I couldn't tell her no at her party!

Here are more fun frame pics...

Ok and these next two with the frame are my faves.  Notice Lily Kate in this next one...  she is thinking hard...

and notice what she did???

She pulled off Thing 2's wig!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random pics:

I don't have any pics of everybody singing Happy Birthday to Lily Kate, but believe me -- she LOVED it!  She loved it so much that when we were through she said "Do that again".  So what did we do?  We sang Happy Birthday to her again!!!

Last few random pics...

Saturday night, after we were finished partying and were getting ready for bed, Lily Kate gets in her rocking chair, tells us "Want Wucy to hold me", meaning I want to hold Lucy, and says "cheese mama", wanting me to take her pic.  Why doesn't she want me to take her pic when she is dressed and we are outside??? 

Oh yeah, it's because she is 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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