Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh yeah, I forgot...

I forgot some of my details for the past few blogs.  So I will catch up here...

Lily Kate...
* sometimes says Mommy and Daddy and sometimes it's Mama and Dada.  I wonder how she decides which to call us...  no telling!

* now says Kasey instead of Kay Kay or Day Day.  Cute but sad!

* eats "oatmilk" for breakfast.

* loves that Lucy sleeps in the same room, and every night when we are putting her in bed she reminds us "Don't forget Wucy".  I hope they are close sisters forever!

* is in the "What's that Mama" stage.  Oh my.  If I hear that question once a day, I hear it 452 million times.  She wants to know what everything is, even while we are riding down the road.  And she doesn't forget where she saw something.  On the way to Mrs. Ann's house, she knows where the 3 sets of horses are and they are "night night" when we can't see them.  She knows where the tractors are, and a lawnmower.  It's sad on days that the lawnmower is not in its usual spot.  Sometimes she still says choo choo for 18 wheelers even when I tell her they are big trucks and sometimes she knows they are big trucks.  She asks me if I see the (big truck, tractor, dog, etc.) while we are riding and I better have seen it or she goes crazy. 

* wants to know who everybody is.  We will be in Walmart and she asks "Who's that Mama" about everybody we pass.  She asks who everybody on tv is.  She asks who the people in the car next to us are.  I try to tell her who it is if I know, but obviously I don't know who everybody is!

* Let me apologize now for this next Lily Kate topic.  Some will think it's funny and some will not, but it's a memory.  Lily Kate knows when she, Lucy, or somebody else passes gas.  She will (loudly) say to everybody that (insert name here) pooted.  And then she oh so loudly says "yuck".  Well you better not even let your shoe squeak or she will tell on you.  While we were at Dr. Shann's for their check up, out of the blue she tells him "My Dada pooted."  Oh my, I turned red.  Taylor had not done such, but she told that he had.  Thank goodness doc has two sons and just laughed at her.

 Lucy Cullen...

* always twirls her foot.  At all times she has one foot twirling and moving constantly.  It's just one of her idiosyncrasies.  Taylor says that is from his side.  Taylor says our girls get everything from, his side except for their sensitive skin and allergies. I say he is crazy.

* is always smiling.  She is super sweet and has the most infectious smile.  I just love it!  While shopping in Jackson last week, a lady stopped us and told us that Lucy was exquisite.  I must agree!

* is wearing a size 3 diaper and a 12 month in clothes.  She is growing so much faster than Big Sis.

* loves her tongue.  I guess she is just finding it, because she has it out playing with it quite often. 

* loves the Johnny Jump Up.  This makes me so happy because it has been through Gage (who looooved it), Ella (kinda liked it), and Lily Kate ( who looooved it too).

A few more pics.  Ella came home with us yesterday, so she got to do a photo shoot too!  Lily Kate loves E' Boo, and her smile in these pics proves it.  It was a weird weather day.  It had not started raining yet, but was so hazy outside.  No sun but not dark, and there was this strange feel to the air.  Weird.

Bye bye for now!

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