Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two years and 7 months...

I have been a bad mama.  I have not been keeping up with my blog like I should.  I would love to say that the main reason I blog is for our wonderful family to experience our everyday life with Lily Kate and Lucy, but really it is so that we have these memories in the years to come when I am old and feeble and can't remember my own name, much less my children's names.  But anywho (talking about memories, that is something my grandmother used to say!!!) off to today's topic.

So Lily Kate is 2, and Lucy is 7 months.  Can you believe that?  It is hard for me to!  We went to Dr. Shann for our healthy check ups, and boy was that an experience.  First of all, Lily Kate is always great while the doctor is actually checking her out and talking to her.  She is calm and kind, and also minds her manors.  Then when he is done, it's a whole new ballgame.  Let's see, she gets hyper, eats all of Lucy's puffs, plays with Dr. Shann's thumb, fluffs his hair, and also took off his shoe.  Yes, she took his shoe off.  Hey, if you are going to be a pediatrician, you better be ready for ones like her.  Dr. Shann was A-OK with her acting silly with him and told us that she was a good child, just in the terrible two stage and wild. Wild.  That word has been used to describe Lily Kate many times by many different people.  Hmmmm.....

Both girls had a great check-up and are right on track.  Here are their stats:

Lily Kate weighed 24 lbs 2 oz and is in the 25 percentile, which is normal for her.  She was 37 inches, which is in the 97 percentile, normal also.  She is tall and skinny.  Lucy weighed 16 lbs and in the 50 percentile.  She was 27", which is in the 90th percentile.  Her head is also in the 90th percentile.  So Lucy is not quite as tall or quite as skinny as her sister, but they both have big heads!

Lily Kate is talking non-stop.  She says so much I can't even count it, and even says sentences/phrases.  When she wants me to hold her, she says "I wanna hold you Mama".  Ok, that melts my heart!  When she wants to hold Lucy, she says "wanna hold me?" as she is talking to Lucy.  And when her Dada wants to hold her she says "No Dada, wanna hold Mama".  Love it!  She loves to call me Becca, so I taught her how to say Taylor.  She only says it when she's being silly, but it's too funny.  Since she is in the terrible twos, she throws a few fits each day, screaming "I don't like that blanket" or "I don't like that milk".  Funny, because the next minute she wants that blanket or that milk.  Taylor says another reason that she does this is because she is a woman.  Are we really like that???  She is such a picky eater, loves fruit and cheese, likes bread and a little bit of chick chick, and anything sweet.  She won't touch a vegetable for anything.  She knows when we go to eat that we hold hands and say a blessing.  Sometimes we say 30 blessings per meal, but that's ok!  She still will take herself back to her bedroom at night and has the sweetest routine with her daddy.  They say their goodnight prayers then sing or do something silly, and then its to the crib.  She has learned to ask for water right when he is walking out of the room, and of course he goes and gets her some.  I love my Lily Kate!

Lucy has changed so much here recently.  She got her first two teeth on her 6 month birthday, and I think she has another on the way.  She  is rolling everywhere, and even scoots backwards.  She can get to anything she wants on the floor by rolling or scooting. It's funny, she gets herself stuck under the bouncy seat and then gets really mad.  Lucy waves all the time now, and sometimes with her hand closed.  She waves while she is eating and just at random moments.  I can remember Lily Kate doing the same.  She is just starting to jibber jabber.  The other night her daddy was taking too long to fix her a bottle, and she was fussing at him.  I am glad we couldn't understand what she was saying, it didn't sound very sweet!  She can't sit up on her own, but she can stay sitting up if you put her that way.  She loves her sister, watching every move she makes.  She gets a huge smile on her face when Lily Kate wakes up in the mornings.  Lucy almost always sleeps all night long.  Ok, another story.  One day it was nap time.  We decided to just put both girls in their cribs at the same time.  Lily Kate always go to her crib awake and falls asleep on her own.  Lucy usually falls asleep before making it to her crib.  So that afternoon I looked in the monitor and saw Lily Kate standing up looking Lucy's way saying "Hey Wucy" over and over.  And over.  And Lucy had turned in her crib to face Lily Kate and was laughing at her.  Neither were napping! 

And now for a few pics...

Ok, more to come soon!


  1. Oh my gosh please tell me you are going to frame a few of those pics with the girls in the rocking chair! Just too precious!

  2. Love that Lily Kate fluffed the docs hair! LOL. Love all the pics and the updates :)

    Mimi loves it too!