Monday, June 4, 2012

Batter up....

This was Gage's first year in kid pitch and his last baseball game was this past Saturday.   I didn't get to make many games because they were at 5:30, 7, or 8:30.   The 5:30 was tooooo hot and sunny, the 8:30 was tooooo late, and there were not many 7 games.  I did get to make his very last game, because it was a make up game that they played Saturday at 9.  Since our girls wake up early, it was a perfect time for us.  Here are a few pics I took...

Lily Kate had to play with Poppy's sunglasses...

There he is in center field.  He had a great play where he caught the ball and threw it in, but I wasn't paying attention and missed out on some great action pictures...

Batter, batter,

 batter, batter, SWING!

Guess what, Lucy Cullen slept through most of it!

Lily Kate was Gage's biggest fan!

She also played with a friend's tuck...

At least she's cute, because she sure wasn't acting very feminine!

 Here he is at bat again.  Look in the background, notice anybody in pink shorts with a polka dot shirt???

Way to go Gage!  He is a great athlete, fisherman, hunter, and the best nephew ever!

Ok on another note, I would like to introduce all 4 of our kitties.  PB has been on the blog many times, but I'm not sure about the others.  As you know, I looooove my kitties and Taylor haaaaates them.  (I don't know why.)   Lily Kate has learned both.  She says "Yuck cat" and "No cat" as she is bending down to kiss them.  She doesn't want to hurt her Daddy's feelings, but deep down inside she loooooves them like her Mama does!

Here is Ozzie.  Ozzie is beautiful!

PB to the left, Percy to the right.  Not many people can tell them apart, but Lily Kate is working on it!  She tries really hard and  gets them right a lot!  

This is my Oscar.  Lily Kate calls him Ocars.  It took me over a year to tame him, but now I can't pet him enough.  He would rather be petted than eat.  

Ok I could show hundreds more pictures, but enough about my sweet kitties...

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