Monday, July 9, 2012

What. A. Week.

Is it finally Monday???  Yes, and yay!!!  Why you ask...  well let me just tell you.

Mrs. Ann (Lily Kate's babysitter) was off last week.  Can you believe that she took the whole week off?  And my back up, sweet Amanda, wasn't available either.  So do you know what that meant... I stayed home with both girls.  The only day I worked last week was Thursday, thanks to Mimi and Wee Wee coming and staying with the girls.  Now here is why it was. a. week. 

It was. a. week. because Monday when Lily Kate woke up, I had this wild idea that since I was going to be home all week with her that I would take her diaper off and put big girl panties on her.  And that's just what I did.  So last week we entered into the world of potty training, and I think she did great.  Monday was a bit tough, Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit better, and it just kept getting better from there.  She even decided on her own to start using the BIG potty (our toilet) on Thursday.  She now goes back and forth between her potty and ours, but that's ok with me.  On Saturday we had a family reunion to go to, which was her first time out of the house all week.  I was worried because it was in Hazlehurst and she had not used any body else's potty yet.  But guess what, she had no accident all day.  And when we went to church Sunday and Sunday night, she had no accident!  I am so proud of her.  I could give many more details about her potty training, but I will stop here!

Ok, and now for a few other details about Lily Kate.  She is so talkative these days.  I have said that before, but she just talks and talks and talks.  She likes to call people on the phone and will actually have a conversation.  Now keep in mind that it is a 2 year old's conversation, but she will tell you what she is doing and ask you what you are doing.  She also like to hang up on people... sorry!

I love to hear her version of words and phrases.  Last week Lily Kate wanted me to hold her alot since we were home together.  It just melts my heart when she says "I wanna hold you me".  Another one is she loves to eat peanut butter, but calls it "Pillar".  And she loves to brush her teeth, and calls her tooth brush her "brush teeth" since we always ask if she is ready to brush her teeth.  She is still calling Taylor by his name, and sometimes it's even "Tayla boo" haha!  She also calls me Becca sometimes.  Aren't these just so cute!  We think so.

Lily Kate is also quite bossy, especially to Lucy Cullen.  She tells her no about 467932 times a day.  But on the other hand she is super sweet and wants to kiss Lucy Cullen about 568032 times a day.  I guess the loving outnumbers the bossiness.

Ok, I guess that's enough for now.  I will update about Lucy Cullen soon hopefully.

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