Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy Cullen!

October 4, 2011 welcomed Miss Lucy Cullen Gibson into our family.  She has been such a joy and a blessing every single day.  We had her birthday party this past week at Uncle Phillip's and it was so super cute!

"I Love Lucy" was her theme.  And yes, we do love Lucy, don't you!?!?  Thanks to Aunt Julie, she painted all of the decorations.  She is so talented!


Everybody was given a pin that said "I Love Lucy", and Taylor chose to wear two.  I guess he really really loves  her haha!


Even Hershey was decorated for the party, and he was a good sport!

 Lucy Cullen had a great time.  She loves being outside, and we started the party off by eating so she was really happy about that...

She wasn't too sure what to do with her big cupcake...


Her new thing to do is tilt her head to the side when she is being shy or silly...

Little Miss Lily Kate had a blast.  There were many older kids to play with, so she ran and played the entire time. 

Somebody, ok Taylor, gave Lily Kate a Dr. Pepper!!!  She loved it, and was wound up even more!

The boys played a little baseball, and Hershey joined in, even with his balloon!

What, are we all looking in the same direction???  Yay!!!

 This is my friend Traci.  She and I were college roommates at good ole Co-Lin!!!

Oh look, Taylor also gave Lucy Cullen a Dr. Pepper...


Lucy Cullen got such sweet and cute gifts.  This is an envelope where (cousin) Julie colored her a picture.  Sweet!

And Meg m.a.d.e. this for her!  I love how it has all of her "1 year" info on it!

Aunt Julie made the adorable props for pics.  I think everybody had a good time with them!



 And the birthday girl, minus her bow of course...

What a fun, sweet birthday party.  Thank you Lucy Cullen for being in our life!

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