Thursday, November 11, 2010

An eventful weekend???

Is it Thursday already?  What, its almost the weekend ?!?  I haven't blogged about last weekend yet!  So here it goes...

I am loving being home on the weekends.  It was sad to close Sisters, but has definitely been the right decision.  I now get to spend time at home with my hubby and sweet baby girl doing just whatever we want , and when we want.  I had big plans for this weekend...  here is my list of what I wanted to get accomplished (including what I wanted Taylor to do too!):

** ALL laundry -- washing, drying, folding (supposed to be Taylor's job but I usually end up getting the job done...), putting alllllll clothes where they belong.

** Dishes -- not too hard, just needs to be done!

** Clean and organize Lily Kate's room -- oh my what a chore!  I feel like I tackle her room constantly!  I need to put everything where it goes and take out her 6 month clothes (she has outgrown most of them, and they are all shorts and short sleeves!)... She needs clean linens and blankets...  She needs diapers out of the box and into the basket... I need to move the full bed to the other wall...  and I am sure there is more to do!

** Clean and organize our room -- another chore!  Like her room, I need to change linens, put up clothes, organize, and just clean clean clean.  Between these two rooms, I could be missing for a week!

** Vacuum from one end of our house to the other end...  sounds like a good job for Taylor!

** Sweep and mop

** Install new driveway announcer.  Yes, this is also a Taylor job.

** Clean out fridge

** Grocery shop

Now here is the question...  Did I get all of this done?  Was my weekend eventful?

Here is a play by play of what we did:

Friday night
**Eat supper at Mitchell's with Taylor, Lily Kate, Ninnie, Poppy, Mimi, and Johnny Gramps.   Lily Kate was such a big girl - look at her sitting in a high chair for the very first time!  (please do NOT note that I do not have a cover over the high chair to keep the 9 million germs off of her.  i do have one on order and will be using it for high chairs and shopping carts the day it gets here!)

Please note that we had to pick out an outfit that matched our hat and shoes!

What a big girl!

Mimi and Johnny Gramps

Ninnie and Poppy

**After supper, Taylor and Johnny Gramps went to see Phillip, Gage, and Ella at the BA football game.  Mimi and I went home and I started making Lily Kate a tutu!  If I had bought this tutu it would have been about $25, but making it myself cost less than $7!!!  Wow what a savings!

**Sleep as late as possible, about 8 these days.  Mimi and Johnny Gramps left at about 11 and we started getting ready to head to town.  While we were getting ready, guess what...  Lily Kate crawled for the first time!  Yay!  Whoo hoo!  Here she is on video:

**Saturday afternoon we went to town and got what I needed to finish the tutu and went to Wal Mart to get Lily Kate a new tub toy. 

**Saturday night we ate with Ninnie and Poppy

**go to with Ninnie, Poppy, Gage, Ella, and Uncle Phillip...go home and go to bed...

Ok, did you notice any of the to dos getting done?  Nope.  I can't think of one that we got to cross off this list.  But, I did spend great quality time with my hubs and baby and saw lots of family.  My sweet baby girl crawled for the first time, and we got her 2nd crawl on video!  So, to me, that was one eventful weekend!  And how was yours?

 p.s. and yes i know that there is a background behind the words, but I can't get it off!  I tried!

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  1. I like the "what we did" list waaaaayyyy better than the "to do" list! I'm sure Lily Kate did too! I love my little Crawlin Kate!