Monday, November 1, 2010

Meow Meow

I love cats.  Taylor hates cats.  So guess what Lily Kate was for her very first Halloween...  oh yes, you guess right!  She was a cat, Kitty Kate, and what a cute kitty cat she was.  Aunt Wee Wee (Whitney), Mimi, and I took her about 3 weeks ago outside and took pics of her in her kitty cat attire. 

Mimi and Kitty Kate

Lily Kate couldn't sit up on her own, so the pics were a little flat...  but cute!  She wasn't very fond of the ears, but she tolerated them.  I guess she didn't bother them since I put bows in her hair ALL the time. 

Wednesday night (before the Halloween weekend) we went to Ninnie's church for their fun festivities.  Gage, Ella, and Kitty Kate took a few seconds to smile so I could snap a few pics. 

Kitty Kate and Ninnie
We didn't stay very long because someone forgot Kitty Kate's formula...  oops.

Thursday night we visited family in Clinton .  Here is a pic of Aunt Wee Wee (Whitney) with Kitty Kate and cousin Julie:

We took a little trip, ok a long trip to Nashville to see Paw Paw, Aunt KK (Kasey), Aunt Shelby, and Aunt Sydney.  Lily Kate did pretty good on the ride there and back...  she did fuss a bit, but mainly because she was ready to get out of her car seat!  We had a great time.  We went to church and then out to eat at El Chico.  We love some Mexican food, yum!  Of course we had to snap some pics before we left.  Here we are: 
Aunt Shelby, Daddy, Aunt Sydney, Mama, Kitty Kate, and Aunt KK

Aunt Shelby, Daddy, Aunt Sydney, Aunt KK, Kitty Kate, and Paw Paw

Daddy, Kitty Kate, and Paw Paw

Leaving Nashville in a new cute outfit Aunt KK brought!
Well that was our Halloween, and how was yours?

Taylor, Rebecca, and Kitty Kate ~ Meow!

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