Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3...

Pics from day #3...

Poppy, Uncle Phillip, Gage and Ella went to the water park today.  Taylor and I took Lily Kate swimming and for some reason I only snapped ~1~ picture!!!  We were having so much fun that I just lost track of time I guess!

And here are the family pics...  We all were in white, but somehow we have a mixture of khakis and denim bottoms.  Next year I guess I will have to pack everybody's clothes for pics to make sure I have them in what I want haha!  Of course Lily Kate, Ella, and Gage looked the best!


Lily Kate is "cheesing" in this pic:

Silly pic!!!

Another fave, look how happy she is:

So sweet!

 Oh my, we are all looking!!!

While we were walking away from taking our family pics, it started sprinkling.  Talk about perfect timing!!!  Then it was off to Staff's for supper and then to the room.  Ok that's it for day 3.  Day 4 coming soon!

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