Friday, February 14, 2014

Say what???

I've blogged before about funnies my girls say, and I have a few new ones for ya!  Enjoy...

Lily Kate says...
* "Popopeyes" instead of Popeyes.  Just an extra "op" in there, too cute.

* "Yes I ma'am" instead of yes ma'am.

* "Sugar Ladders" instead of Chutes 'n Ladders.

* "Cinnamon pedes" instead of centipedes.

* "Bopper" instead of boppy (nursing pillow).

And when I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she said a pig or horse.  Hmmm, I don't think that's gonna happen!  She also wants to ride on a garbage truck and jump across the moon.  Anything that comes on tv, she wants to do.  Ride a motorcycle, ride on a boat, sky dive... you name it, she wants to do it. She is loving the Olympics.  She and Lucy Cullen "skate" across the floor, twirling and jumping and twisting.  She even had Taylor holding her up above his head so she could hold her arms out like the couples were doing.  She is our adventurous one, and she did n.o.t. get that from her mother!

Lucy Cullen is funny too, though she pretty quiet and does not talk near as much as her big sister.  She gets so tickled when she does talk, and giggles and giggles.  Some of what she says...

* "Cah Cah" for Lily Kate (sad note, she now can say Lily Kate.  boo hoo)

* "Cah Cah Cukken" for Lucy Cullen (another sad note, she can now say Lucy Cullen.  boo hoo)

* "Lucy Cudden" for Lucy Cullen (again, now she says Lucy Cullen)

* "Getlace" for necklace

* "Gisbuits" for biscuits

* "Geen beans" for green beans

I've said before that Lucy Cullen loves to eat, and she still does.  She will come eat instead of playing. Crazy, I know.  She is such a good eater, unlike Lily Kate!  I asked her one day what she wanted for breakfast, and her answer was "geen beans and rice".  And her little tummy shows it haha!

Oh my, I love these two (and Mr. Max) dearly!!!

See ya soon!

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